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Fukuoka passion for flavour, experience exquisite taste combinations in a day!


A heaven for seafood lovers


Start the day with some wholesome Hakata’s specialty chicken hot pot“Mizutaki” at Hakata Mizutaki Toriden. This flavourful hot pot is well deserving of its title as a nationally recognized dish and loved by many! You will be taken through a journey of taste as the dish slowly elevates by the addition of other fresh ingredients throughout the meal course. Not to be missed!

Next, wind down with some Chai at Chai Tea Heron. This humble little space is filled with various kinds of Chai blends. Cafes are very prominent in Fukuoka. I take delight in the fact that the owner, cultivates chai from over 10 different types of spices (which is different from usual methods!) and introduces new menus frequently. Besides, it’s a great opportunity for foreign travellers to interact with locals, exchange views in a relaxing ambience while enjoying the elevated abundance of taste.


Fukuoka is not only known for its Hakata ramen, but also a heaven for seafood lovers! Locals enjoy having mackerels cooked in various ways, and one of it is eaten raw with a hint of sesame goodness. At Seimon Barai izakaya, you can rest assure that quality is uncompromised.

Finally, while the night is still young, savour at the fabled open-air street food vendors called Yatai. These food stalls can accommodate at most 10 people, which means it will be an intimate experience, almost like going to a sushiya! Yatai usually serves various traditional dishes, yakitori, ramen and oden. It’s also popular amongst the working folks to unwind.



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