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Shibuya’s Miyashita Park Is Much More Than a Park in the Sky

One of my favorite things about living in Japan is being able to hang out at the park and just lay on the grass, especially in spring and autumn when the weather is nice―and where there are no mosquitoes!
When you visit Miyashita Park, the first thing you’ll ask yourself is “Where’s the park?” Standing before you is an ultra-modern building in the concrete jungle of Shibuya, a commercial complex with a shopping mall, a slew of restaurants, and even a hotel. The open-air park sits on the rooftop of this three-story building, and whatever grass is up there is 100 percent natural. 


Miyashita Park has a very special location―it’s on top of a three-story building!


You’re free to come and go as you please, so buy a drink, sit down with your friends, and chat as you watch the sun go down. When you’re hungry, there’s no shortage of food options within the building. The food court houses famous chain restaurants, and you’ll find tons of delicious dining options that fit your budget. 


Enjoy yummy bar food at the street-level restaurants.


At nighttime, go straight to the ground floor and look for vibrant Shibuya Yokocho, an old-style izakaya (Japanese-style drinking bar) street transformed into a modern building. Here, you can spend the evening like the Japanese do―sharing drinks and eating yummy bar food like yakitori (chicken skewers) and gyoza (fried dumplings) with friends.



A park right smack in the middle of the concrete jungle? Yes!




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