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Walk a 1.2-km Stretch of Cherry Blossom Trees at This Secret Saitama Spot


You may have been mesmerized by countless photos on SNS (social networking services in Japan) that feature Tokyo as the ultimate spot for cherry-blossom viewing. 


However, I’d like to propose a lesser-known lookout located just an hour away north of Tokyo, in the prefecture of Saitama. Unlike other popular locations, here you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of cherry blossoms minus the usual crowds! 

Japan has over 100 varieties of cherry blossom.


The highlight of Saitama is a beautiful walkway called Kita Asaba Sakura Avenue in the center of the prefecture. Surrounded by quiet neighborhoods, the walkway of dainty cherry blossoms stretches over 1.2 kilometers long. There’s about 200 trees lined by the Oppe River! 

To celebrate hanami (flower viewing), the Nissai Sakado Sakura Festival is held here annually from early to late March, so expect lots of entertainment options and pop-up food stalls.

Take note that in 2022, for the third consecutive year, the festival didn’t take place due to the ongoing pandemic. But even when the festival isn’t on, you can still hanami in this tunnel of trees. Enjoy the scenic surroundings and the sight of people picnicking on public benches and mats.  



Kita Asaba Sakura Avenue forms a beautiful 1.2 kilometer-long walkway of cherry blossom trees.


The best time to view these blossoms is from the middle of March. Have fun spotting various types of cherry blossoms ranging from Yamazakura to Kanzakura and Somei Yoshino―just three of the over 100 varieties of cherry blossom trees in Japan.


All in all, Saitama is the perfect place to enjoy hanami and spend quality time with friends and family without the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. 


Enjoy your hanami in peace and quiet in a locally known hidden gem.


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