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Wonders of Tottori


Tottori is more than just its majestic sand dunes, in fact they have so much more to offer if one is willing to go on an adventure. As big Tottori prefecture may be, I would recommend visiting Yonago city. Located near the sea coast and one can enjoy tons of fresh seafood especially their exclusive giant Matsubagani (snow crab) which is caught only from November to March each year.



Kaike Area is famous for its Onsen (Hot Spring), in fact the largest in San’in along the beautiful white coastline and there are many Ryokan accommodations here. From my experience staying at Kaike Grand Hotel Tensui- Kaike Onsen, not only it allows you to enjoy an endless buffet of Matsubagani and other fresh local seafood varieties, their extensive Onsen facility is something you wouldn’t want to miss and would highly recommend going during sunrise and sunset. Soak in all the natural hot spring goodness while overlooking the vivid coloured skies along with the sound of calm sea waves echoing; an experience fit for royalty!



From here, you can easily go down to neighbouring Sakaimoto city to visit their large seafood market - Sakaiminato Fish Center & Mizuki Shigeru Museum (the artist of Gegege No Kitaro series). 

The road to Mizuki Shigeru museum is filled with Yokai* hiding in every corner, so do thread carefully and enjoy this spooky yet fun route!

(*Japanese folklore monsters)



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