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Strawberry picking


What is Strawberry picking

Farms in Tochigi Prefecture offer fresh strawberry picking opportunities for visitors. Depending on the farm and time of visit, you can encounter a variety of strawberries ready to be picked. Some of the kinds available are the Sky Berry, Tochi Otome, Tochi Hime, Benihoppe, and Yayoi Hime.

History of Strawberry picking

Since 1968, Tochigi prefecture has had the largest strawberry production in Japan. The condition of the area is optimal for strawberry growth as the land is fertile, clean water flows from Nikko and Nasu, winter sunshine hours are long, and there is a large temperature difference during day and night.


It is also home to Tochigi Prefecture Ichigo Research Institute, the only strawberry special research institute in Japan where various varieties of strawberries are being developed.


It is more likely that you will visit in the beginning of strawberry season where there are sweet and big strawberries available. Strawberry season will be in winter, but if the strawberries are grown inside a plastic greenhouse, then you don’t need to worry about the cold.

What to expect from Strawberry picking

Enjoy the taste of fresh strawberries to your heart’s content. These ripe red strawberries will also look perfect on your social media timelines.


Farms have different systems for picking strawberries. There is one where you can eat all you can within a given time limit. There are also strawberries sold as souvenirs at the direct sales department of some farms.

Ideal budget

Admission fee is 800 yen for adults.

But admission still depends on the farm, the scheduled time of picking, and the ages of the guests.

Picking strawberries yourself, there are many system farms with all you can eat if it is within the time limit.

When it is held

Strawberry picking season is mostly from December to May, but there are days where farms do not accept guests. This depends on the growth situation of the strawberries. It is also best to confirm schedule beforehand as there are farms that are fully reserved.

Duration and opening hours depend on the farm and the varieties of strawberries planted.

Where it is held

Ichigo farms dot Tochigi prefecture. They can also be found in popular tourist spots like Nikko and Nasu.


The Strawberry Kingdom Tochigi Website




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