STORY ​Conquest All 95 Famous Spots in Tokyo City by “Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass”! by JNTO on 03 October 2019

Tokyo is filled with numerous tourist hotspots, including Ueno Zoological Garden and nice art museums such as TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM and the National Museum of Western Art, and so many more. Particularly for museum fans, you should get the convenient “Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass 2019”.


Today, we are going to look at this special sightseeing pass that can give you access to all main attractions in the whole Kanto area.




“Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass 2019”, the Pass that is even Applicable to Ueno Zoological Gardens and Many Popular Art Spots!?


“Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass 2019” is a discount ticket booklet with discount coupons and admission tickets to 95 museums, art museums, and sightseeing facilities in Kanto, centering on Tokyo. It is available at 2,200 yen, and valid for 2 months from the first use. As such, this particular pass is recommended for visitors staying in Japan for longer period too. (Information is as of September 2019)



1 How to use the “Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass 2019”

Purchase the booklet at specific selling spots and start using it right away! Remember to fill in your name in the specific field provided. You will get a stamp on the booklet upon the first facility you visit. The booklet include “free admission” and “discounted admission”, so you just need to pay the price difference, if required, for some of the discounted admissions.


2 Main Attractions Where You Can Use the Pass


● Ueno area - TOKYO NATIONAL MUSEUM, TOKYO METROPOLITAN MUSEUM, Ueno Zoological Gardens, etc.
● Tokyo and Imperial Palace area - Mitsui Memorial Museum, the National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo, etc.
● Minato-ku and Shibuya, Meguro, Sedagaya area - Hama-rikyu Gardens, the National Art Center Tokyo, MORI ART MUSEUM, TOKYO CITY VIEW, TOKYO METROPOLITAN TEIEN ART MUSEUM, etc.


Tokyo Sightseeing Model Routes when Using the “Tokyo Museum Grutto Pass”!


1 Meeting with Pandas and Tour of Ueno Museums


JR Ueno station → National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo → The National Museum of Western Art → Ueno Park (If you have got some moments and love to see animals, you can also visit Ueno Zoological Gardens!) → lunch → Shitamachi Museum → Eat at Ameyoko!



First, walk for around 5 mins to the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, which is the largest science museum in Japan, followed by a visit at a discount price to the National Museum of Western Art, famous for “The Thinker” which is the sculpture crafted by the famous artist Rodin. After that, stroll around Ueno Park and you can get to see the cherry blossoms if you are visiting in spring. If you have some moments, you can also visit the Ueno Zoological Gardens (for free as it is covered by the pass). As for lunch, we recommend the famous French restaurant “Ueno Seyoken” inside the park, or “Park Side Café” with a nice terrace. You are now revitalized after having delicious food, so just head to the Shitamachi Museum to see old streets in the Edo period (free admission as this is also covered by the pass), and complete your tour by eating at the Ameyoko market!


2 Triple Artistic Enjoyment at Roppongi - Garden, Observatory, and Nice Walk!


Shiodome station → Hamarikyu Garden → the National Art Center (discount coupon provided in the pass) → lunch → Mori Art Museum (discount coupon provided in the pass) → Tokyo City View


Walk around 10 minutes from Shiodome station to Hamarikyu Garden (free admission), which is a daimyo official garden and a samurai’s villa in the Edo era, providing lovely views in spring for cherry blossoms and in autumn for autumn leaves.


Subsequently, you can take the Oedo subway to Roppongi station for the National Art Center (with discount coupon provided in the pass), which is a modern art museum designed by the celebrity architect Kisho Kurokawa. As for lunch, we highly recommend Brasserie Paulbocuse Le Musee, the 3-star French restaurant inside the museum, or some other nice choices at Roppongi Hills. After a sumptuous meal, you can visit the Mori Art Museum and Tokyo City Viewfor a bird’s eye view of Tokyo. The museum and observatory deck are both located within Roppongi Hills and the discount coupons can be used here as well. You can also enjoy panoramic views at the open area called “Sky Deck”, and “Sky Gallery” on the 52nd storey!

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