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GUIDE Fireworks, the Highlight of Summer! Great Local Fireworks Events in the Countryside by JNTO on 30 July 2019

Fireworks festival is symbol of Japan’s summer. In the weekends from July to September and in August’s holiday season, it is not surprising to see parks and riverbeds all filled with crowds of people in yukata and with handheld fans, watching up to the sky for the splendid fireworks. It is a very typical scenery in Japan’s summer indeed. This time, we would like to introduce some fireworks festivals in the countryside held in August – September period!



Enjoying Fireworks and Hokkaido Gourmets at the Same Time!
Kushiro Tairyo Don-Paku Fireworks


Kushiro Tairyo Don-Paku Fireworks is the biggest fireworks festival inHokkaido, in which huge ones called “3-shells” with diameter reached 600 meters are proudly presented. In the festival, viewers are amazed by around ten thousand of spectacular fireworks over Kushiro River and Kushiro Port. The festival does attract a large number of visitors every year so if you would like to watch them all clearly, “Kitafuto” (the North Pier) which is very much close to the fireworks venue, and highlands like Yonemachi Park are highly recommended.



Moreover, in three days before and after the fireworks you can visit the 30 booths selling local Kushiro sushi, ramen, and liquors. On the day after the fireworks, a fun event called “Kushiro Oh!! Fish Festival” with tuna fish cutting show and seafood barbecue, which makes the whole event even more attractive as visitors can enjoy both fireworks and delicious cuisine all together!




  • Kushiro Tairyo Don-Paku Fireworks
  • Address: Nearby the North Breakwater at Kushiro Port
  • Access: 15 minutes’ walk to the south from JR Kushiro Station
  • Recommended spot for fireworks appreciation:
  • [Kitafuto] 2-1 Kaiun, Kushiro, Hokkaido
  • [Yonemachi Park] 1-1-21, Yonemachi, Kushiro, Hokkaido
  • Event Date: 14th September 2019 (Saturday) 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


The largest Fireworks Festival with the highest number of Fireworks Launch
The Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival




The Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival is one of the largest fireworks festivals with the largest number of fireworks launch. 40,000 fireworks are being launched in the two-sessions- the first half is a “Firework Contest” with judges scoring, and the second half consists of a marvellous showoff of the “Starmine” on the water surface and the 2km long “Great Niagara” fireworks. Fireworks are launched on Lake Suwa, surrounded by mountains in all four directions so the explosive sounds are merely amplified thus even more impressive!
Lake Suwa is divided into two areas- the upper Suwa and the lower; the upper one is right in front of the fireworks launching venue, so the views are great.Tateishi Park is another great observatory spot with a nice view of the lake, as well as for the fireworks. You will be mesmerized by the night view there too.


  • The Lake Suwa Fireworks Festival
  • Fireworks launching venue: on Lake Suwa, nearby JR Kamisuwa station
  • Access: 10 minutes’ walk from JR Kamisuwa Station, 15-minute drive from Chuo Suwa IC Interchange (Lake Suwa direction)
  • Recommended spot for fireworks appreciation:
  • [Tateishi Park] 10399, Kamisuwa Tateishi-machi, Suwa-shi, Nagano
  • Event Date: 15th August 2019, starting at 7:00 p.m.


Fireworks launched from Fireworks Boats in the Sea!
Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival


A fireworks festival in Miyajima, the world heritage in Hiroshima prefecture. As named, fireworks are launched from fireworks boats in the sea, which is simply impressive! One of the highlights is the 100 launches inside water. The magical silhouette with spectacular fireworks over the huge torii shrine gate of the world heritage Itsukushima shrine brings this festival into the 100 best fireworks ranking.


Fireworks can be clearly seen from everywhere on Miyajima island, but if you aim at those water fireworks, it is advisable to take up a place along the coastal lines.


  • Miyajima Water Fireworks Festival
  • Fireworks launching venue: Itsukushima Shrine O-torii Gate, 400m offshore on the fireworks launching boat
  • Access: Walking 5 minutes from JR Miyajimaguchi station to Miyajimaguchisanbashi and take the ferry there (about 10 minutes ride). Get off at the terminal and walk for another 10 minutes.
  • Event Date: 24th August 2019 (Sat) 7:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


Get to Know in Advance! About the Firework Festivals


The three festivals are all very famous that they attract a lot of visitors. It is extremely crowded on the event date. Some visitors arrive early in the morning to take up good places, so be mindful to arrive early too! Besides, roads will be congested that trains are packed like during rush hours. At the end of the events, it is recommended to have a break in the restaurants nearby and wait for the crowds to clear.



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