STORY Amazing Views & Excellent Japanese Meals Service! 4 Scenic Train Rides You should not Miss! by JNTO on 24 October 2019

Many areasave their own unique, scenic railways on which you can take in the nature’s beauty, savour essential great tastes of the regions, as well as enjoy foot massage hot spa…! Throughout Japan, transportation is not only means of moving, they have myriad types of built-in entertainment to enjoy. You have no reason to miss them.


Scenic Train Journey with Striking Sceneries of the Seasons, Great Food and Wine


These trains are elegant, unique and swanky; they have tasteful designs and service with great local food, so the ride is not just a form of transport but also a form of enjoyment. There are rides in which you can dive into the all-you-can-drink local wine and authentic course meal proudly presented by star chefs. Please be mindful that most of these trains run in limited time and need reservations!


The Impressive and Chic Royal Blue Train with Meals, “THE ROYAL EXPRESS”


Board the scenic train ride whereby the train is in royal blue colour for inventive meals and its convenient connection of JR Yokohama station and Izukyushimoda station.


There are two packages to suit your taste - “Platinum”, where you can enjoy a wonderful dining experience with music in a cabin with beautiful stained glasses, paintings and handcrafts; and “Gold” that is recommended for family with kids for its picture book library in its first cabin. Both come with luxury course meals with local delicious seafood and farm fresh vegetables that will delight your stomach!



101 Lovely “Cats” on the Train!?
“Tama Train”


The little cat kept in the souvenir shop in Kishi station of JR Kishigawa Line in Wakayama named “Tama” was on a whim given the position of stationmaster.


Tama took the whole Japan by storm. However, she passed away in 2015 and the position was passed down to new cats - “Nitama” and “Yontama”.


An equally adorable train with motif of Tama is running along the Kishigawa local line, connecting Kishi station and JR Wakayama station.


Due to the motif design, there are apparently 101 Tama sleeping and running on the train exterior, as well as in the library corner and a stationmaster room! The roof of Kishi station is made by Hiwatabuki cypress, with windows resembling the cute eyes and mouth of Tama! In the station complex, you can even find a “Tama museum” and a “Tama café” where you can buy exquisite items of the extraordinary stationmaster.


An Authentic Japanese journey with a Train with Foot Massage Hot Spa and Tatami Seating,
“Toreiyu Tsubasa”


The Shinkansen bullet train connecting Fukushima station and Shinjo station in Yamagata prefecture is especially attractive for its no. 16 cabin that has an “Ashiyu” (foot massage hot spring).


There are two baths paved with marbles, so passengers can enjoy the striking views through the windows while relaxing in the foot spa. After the soothing spa, passengers can head tono. 15 cabin, which is like an after-spa lounge where you can have staff from a Japanese tatami style bar counter serve you Yamagata local liquors and juices.


The traditional Japanese Shikkui paints on the walls and the marble paths simply makes you feel like you are in a hot spring resort. Cabins no. 12 to 14 are also in tatami style with reserved seats. In cabins no. 12 to 15, there are English and traditional Chinese directory displays, so you do not have to worry even you do not speak Japanese!

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