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Story Cool off in the hot summer with flowing noodles By JNTO on 01 June 2017

Circulating Somen Nagashi


Circulating Somen Nagashi


A gorge named “Tosen-kyo” is located in Ibusuki City. Tosen-kyo Kyoden Spring, along the shore of Lake Ikeda, gushes forth some 100,000 tons of water every day from the outlet around the base of giant Japanese cedar woods along the gorge. In order to use this water stream as a tourist attraction, “Somen Nagashi (flowing noodles)”, was devised and now has more than 50 years of history. “Somen” is a thin Japanese noodle made from wheat flour and salt and is a quite popular dish especially during summer. The initial style of somen nagashi here was that somen noodles were made to flow in long flumes made of bamboo with flowing water, and gathered much attention because of its uniqueness. Later there developed “Circulating Somen Nagashi”, the first of its kind in Japan, where somen noodles are flowing in natural running water in a water basin powered by a motor. With water flowing in the space around you, you can feel coolness just sitting on your seat.
Together with somen noodles you can also enjoy such freshwater fish dishes as salt-grilled trout, carp cooked in miso-soup or carp sashimi.


Ibusuki Municipal Tosen-kyo Somen Nagashi

5967, Kaimonjuccho, Ibusuki-City

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