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Story East Kyushu Ise Lobster Coastal Highway - Ise Lobster Festival By JNTO on 01 September 2017

Ise-ebi spiny lobster


special dishes featuring precious spiny lobster


East Kyushu Ise Lobster Coastal Highway


Connected by Higashi-Kyushu Expressway and sharing areas like the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that includes Mt. Okue and bounty from the Nippo Coast, the cities of Saiki at Oita Prefecture’s southernmost tip and Nobeoka at Miyazaki Prefecture’s northernmost point have become closer with time. The sea around the Sea of Hyuga and the Bungo Channel is greatly affected by the Kuroshio Current. This results in a temperate climate throughout the year and, consequently, fishing grounds of superior quality.
The area’s valuable seaweed beds are breeding grounds for authentic “Ise-ebi” spiny lobster. From September to March, fishing restrictions are lifted and people can catch the lobsters freely. Freshly caught spiny lobsters literally carry the fragrance of sea and it is recommended to try them in simple dishes like sashimi, grilled and salted, or in miso soup. You will be amazed at their sweetness, firm texture and transparent appearance – the mark of a real top-quality spiny lobster.
The “East Kyushu Ise Lobster Coastal Highway - Ise Lobster Festival” is an event co-hosted by Saiki City in Oita Prefecture and Nobeoka City in Miyazaki Prefecture from September to late November every year. About 30 restaurants in the area offer special dishes featuring the area’s fresh, precious spiny lobster. It is a great chance to try the delicious local cuisine!


East Kyushu Ise Lobster Coastal Highway - Ise Lobster Festival

Saiki City / Nobeoka City
0972-23-3400 (Saiki City Tourist Information Center), 0982-24-5280 (Kitaura Seaside Park Tourist Information Center)

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