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Story Enjoy the taste of tradition: dakkisho tofu by JNTO on 03 July 2017

Dakkisho tofu (peanut tofu)


“Dakkisho tofu (peanut tofu)" is a specialty dish made at a long-established restaurant in Kanoya City, which opened 50 years ago and is now operated by the third generation of proprietors. "Dakkisho" is Kagoshima dialect for peanuts. Dakkisho tofu has a tofu-like appearance but is made from Kanoya produced peanuts, potato starch, and water only. The richness and sweet taste from the peanuts, along with its sticky, chewy texture, can become addictive. Since the restaurant can make only a limited quantity of dakkisho tofu and it is very popular, it is often sold out by noon.
he restaurant, called "Komatsu Shokudo", is also known for its delicious "champon" noodles. The dish has been served since the opening of the restaurant and has kept the original taste, attracting legions of local fans. You can enjoy the regular "Tokusei Champon" (720 yen), or, if you are really hungry, you can try a large serving of "Bikkuri Jumbo Champon" (1,250 yen), which is triple the size of the regular champon. If you tell the restaurant you want to eat dakkisho tofu with champon, you may be lucky enough to have your request fulfilled!

A pack of dakkisho tofu: 380 yen


Wakon Yosai Komatsu Shokudo

9-5 Kitada-cho, Kanoya City
Business hours

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