STORY Fun for All! Anime Characters Themed Hotels for Adults and Kids by JNTO on 02 September 2019

In Japan, there are many hotels featuring characters from anime and manga while some may be too kids-oriented for your taste. This time, we would like to show you a few special themed hotels suitable for both adults and kids!


Lovely time at an Authentic Observatory Hot Spring
“Kuma Aso Room” by Aso Plaza Hotel (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Open the door of the “Kumamon Room” of Aso Plaza Hotel located in Aso Uchinomaki Onsen which is the sightseeing hot spot in Kyushu, and receive the warm welcome by Kumamon!


Three Kumamons sit at the table in a room filled with Kumamon prints; on the door, the amenities, any corner your eyes can spot, you can see the joyful Kumamon. Open the window and you can see the five mountains of Aso while being embraced by the lovely Kumamons.


Also, do not miss the two natural hot springs in the hotel. Both the outdoor bath and public bath come with breathtaking views of the surreal nature, not to mention the outdoor spas with garden views, rental private baths, and corner baths. “Takeyukuhai” with a dynamic view of the Aso five mountains, and “Hobonoyu” with a tasteful view of a Japanese garden are especially must-try!


  • Aso Plaza Hotel
  • Address: 1287, Uchinomaki, Aso City, Kumamoto
  • Access: [Railway & bus] take the Kyushu Odan Bus at JR Kumamoto station, which takes approximately 1 hr 40 mins. Or, take Aso express at Fukuoka bus terminal, and the trip takes around 3 hours. [Rental car] Approximately 1 hr 20 mins from Kumamoto IC interchange through national route number 57.


Ninja Heroes Springing Up in Your Room!
“Japanese Ninja Suite Room NARUTO” by Fujikyu Highland Resort Hotel & Spa (Yamanashi Prefecture)


©岸本斉史 スコット/集英社・テレビ東京・ぴえろ

Fujikyu Highland Resort Hotel & Spa”, the official hotel of Fujikyu Highland amusement park has newly opened its featured room “Japanese Ninja Suite Room NARUTO” in late July 2019. The room resembles the world in the popular animation “Naruto”- with the Yang and Yin from “Onmyoton” which are chakras (energies) used by characters in the story to perform their ninja techniques. Guests become freshmen of the ninja schools and they are each awarded a certificate after the given challenges and mysteries are solved. It would seem like the stay is like a “ninja practice”!


The room is surrounded by fusuma (doors formed by vertical rectangular panels) and shoji sliding doors. Entering the bathroom and toilet, you can see prints of images and words from Naruto. Another great news for big fans of the anime series is that the original items such as yukata wears, facial towel rolls, kunai towel, weapon pouch are included as gifts for your stay!
The Japanese style natural hot spring with a direct access from the hotel is another great attraction. There are as many as seven kinds of hot springs, sauna, and hot stone with a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji. It would certainly be a great stay for both kids and adults!

  • Fujikyu Highland Resort Hotel & Spa
  • Reservation information:
  • Japanese Ninja Suite Room NARUTO is by online reservation only
  • Address: 5-6-1, Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi
  • Access: [Railway & bus] take Fujikyuko line (for Lake Kawaguchi) at Chuo line Otsuki station, stay on board for 45 minutes and get off at Fujikyuko Fujisan station. Then, an approximate 5-minute taxi ride or a free shuttle bus ride of around 25 minutes
  • [Rental car] Right at Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi) or Fujiyoshida IC interchange

Enjoy Hot Spring at the “Hello Kitty Room” by Hotel & Resorts BEPPUWAN (Oita Prefecture)


There are three rooms featuring Hello Kitty in Hotel & Resorts BEPPUWAN in Beppu.


The first one is “Resort Kitty Room”, with theme of deep sea and heart-calming interior, in which guests can enjoy taking selfies with the iconic ribbon on the head of Hello Kitty. Surely, the rooms are not only for kids! The hotel also offers a good outdoor hot spring “Hinode onsen” (literally “sunrise hot spring”) with a breathtaking view of Beppu Bay.
The second is “Grande Kitty Room” on the top floor with pink and luxury as the key elements of its design.


The third one is a lovely and cozy “Hello Kitty Room” for families.


The ladies-exclusive Rose Bath, an outdoor hot spring with colourful petals floating on the clear hot water and spirit-soothing fragrance, is also something you should never miss. The hotel also offers Hello Kitty Dream Dinner accommodation package for you to create your own Instagrammable and memorable experience.

  • Hotel & Resorts BEPPUWAN
  • Address: 1825, Hiramichi, Hiji-machi, Hayami-gun, Oita
  • Access: [Railway & bus] free shuttle bus from JR Beppu station (east exit) or Bungotoyooka station. Alternatively, take JR Nippo main line at JR Beppu station, get off at JR Kamegawa station and take a 5-minutes taxi ride.
  • [Rental car] At Kogura Higashi IC interchange, head to Hokudaidoro (via Nakatsu, Usa / a part of national route number 10) for approximately 1 hr 30 mins, then around 10 minutes from Hayami IC interchange.