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Story Great fireworks, sea breeze and a sandy beach By JNTO on 01 Augest 2017

Great fireworks on the sky


firework in Negai Kanae Kaiun Hanabi Taikai festival


Negai Kanae Kaiun Hanabi Taikai festival


Miyajidake-jinja Shrine with a 600-year history has been famous as a patron of business. One of the biggest events organized around it is the Autumn Festival, during which a fireworks display, “Negai Kanae Kaiun Hanabi Taikai”, is held. This year it will take place on September 22nd on Miyaji Beach, which is also the starting point for the 2-km road leading to the shrine. This event traces back to ancient times and is related to the “Gokokuhojo” festival that was held to show gratitude to the gods for an abundant autumn crop of the five grains that sustain the people. Gods in return would fulfill wishes and eliminate worries. The “negai kanae” in the modern festival’s name means “fulfilment of wishes”. This festival’s main difference from other fireworks festivals held elsewhere is both its location (i.e. the beach) and its timing. Since it is held in early autumn, there is always a cool evening breeze allowing you to relax on the beach and enjoy the spectacular sight of the fireworks launched from the sea. Besides fireworks there are also a wide range of street-food choices from the numerous stands set up for the occasion. You can pick up your favorite food and drink, sit on your blanket and enjoy fireworks in a relaxing atmosphere. The festival also includes other highlights, such as a parade featuring a gorgeous portable shrine with a woman dressed in an exquisite, twelve-layered ceremonial kimono, “wadaiko” (traditional drums) performance, traditional dance, kendo and judo tournaments, an exhibition of calligraphy and more.


Miyajidake-jinja Shrine - Negai Kanae Kaiun Hanabi Taikai

7-1 Miyaji-motomachi, Fukutsu City

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