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Story Nippo Kaigan, the Road of Rock Oysters By JNTO on 03 July 2017

rock oysters in Nippo Kaigan Quasi-National Park


Nippo Kaigan Quasi-National Park


oysters charcoal grilled in the shell and deep fried oysters


A coastline stretching 120 km from southern Oita Prefecture to northern Miyazaki Prefecture is designated "Nippo Kaigan Quasi-National Park", and is notable for having a deeply indented ria coastline. The large rock oysters grown in the Kuroshio Current and fresh streams running down from deep mountains are taste rich and creamy. They are called "milk of the ocean" and are richer in nutritional value than many health foods. Summer is the best season for tasting rock oysters and there are a lot of restaurants here offering fine dishes such as oysters charcoal grilled in the shell, deep fried oysters, and so on.
"Nippo Kaigan Rock Oyster Festival" is a popular event held annually from April to the end of August. You cannot enjoy it anywhere else, or in any other season.


Road of Rock Oysters

Hyuga City, Kadogawa Town, Nobeoka City and Saiki City
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0982-55-0235 (Hyuga-City Tourist Incorporated Association)

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