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Story One of the only five seed rice malt shops in Japan! by JNTO on 01 August 2017




Located 2 minutes from Kagoshima Airport, the “Barrel Valley PRAHA & GEN” is an unexpected combination of a theme park dedicated to “koji”, the rice malt famously used in sake production, Kagoshima “shochu” liquor, and Czech culture. It is operated by Kawauchi Genichiro Shoten Corp., one of the only five places in Japan producing seed malt and the only one in Kyushu. These days, about 80% of shochu made in Japan is using the white koji mold produced here. It does not stop with liquor though: it would not be an exaggeration to say that koji is the cornerstone of the unique Japanese food culture, since it can be found in staples like soy sauce, miso paste and more.
The facility’s restaurant “Kirishima Koji Kura GEN” specializes in koji, using it both as seasoning and as ingredient. The facility also includes a Czech Village, where visitors can try Pilsner beer, and shops offering local shochu and beers, as well as products made from Kagoshima’s famous Kurobuta brand pork, “satsuma-age” (fried fishcakes), and pretty much all of Kagoshima’s specialties. Quite popular among them are “shio koji” (salted koji) and “Kojiya no amazake” (sweet sake), which can be used for pickling or as seasoning, and are as beneficial for the body as they are tasty.
A product of the facility’s collaboration with a world-renowned chef is “Koji Shukurimu”, a cream puff that uses eggs from chickens that have been fed koji and is limited to 55 pieces per day. In the premises there are also a shochu distillery and a local beer brewery that are open to visits. A free-of-charge courtesy bus runs to and from the airport.



876-15 Mizobecho Fumoto, Kirishima City
Business hours
December 26-29

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