Story Plenty of Nature and Sightseeing and Easy Access from Tourist Spots! 3 Recommended Glamping Resorts by JNTO on 20 February 2020


Forget the preparation of tents or BBQ sets or setting up a place to sleep- just enjoy your pleasant stay surrounded by nature with the new style of camping in luxury. Such a unique experience is known as glamping (derived from the words, “glamorous camping")!



Glamping has become popular in Japan. Following this trend, many new facilities have opened near tourist spots and terminal stations, making them easily accessible. Why not enjoy each of Japan’s four seasons while trying out a special, new type of lodging experience?


Glamping: Enjoy Starry Skies and Great Nature, Free of Luggage!



Glamping takes the words “glamourous” and “camping” to form a new word for this appealing type of camping. 
Unlike your usual camping trips that require you to build tents, prepare food, and start your own campfires, everything is already prepared for you. From the prebuilt tents to readily available BBQ sets and ingredients, all you need to do is show up to enjoy the camping experience. One of the popular glamping spots among visitors to Japan is the “Hoshinoya Fuji” resort run by Hoshino Resorts Inc. Like this facility, there are many places that feature sites surrounded by the beautiful, tranquil nature and are easily accessible from terminal stations and famous sightseeing spots, making it easy to visit and experience for beginners and international visitors. Activities like star gazing are especially popular with certain glamping spots, so we recommend trying them with your entire family!



1. The sense of wonder holistic glamping Mount Yufu Glamping Resort (Oita prefecture)



“The sense of wonder holistic glamping”, which was opened in 2017, sits on Tsukahara Plateau at the northern side of Mount Yufu. Mount Yufu is beautifully shaped, having been given the title “Bungo Fuji” (which means Mt. Fuji of Oita), it is considered Oita prefecture's sacred mountain. In the front, there is a paddy field and on its back is a forest, providing a site surrounded by nature all around. When blessed with good weather conditions, the entire sky at night is filled with stars to gaze at.



 A unique feature of this site is the lodging cabins which contain firewood stoves next to windows, so you can enjoy a breathtaking view from, along with the cone-shaped Teepee tents, both of which are available as one set.



Those that want to relax can enjoy the cabin, while kids who want to adventure can try out the teepees. Having both options certainly is luxury! You get to savour delicious meals under the mesmerizing night sky as well!



Evening meals consist of Dutch oven roasted organic chicken hotpots made with local, fresh ingredients, so you can enjoy the ingredients at their best flavours! After satisfying your stomach, feast your eyes at the pretty night sky while relaxing on hammocks installed on the cabin decks, or do so at the lawn areas with a campfire! This glamping facility is also conveniently near the Yufuin Onsen (hot spring) which is known for its great amount of hot spring waters. As such, you can drop by for a dip while taking a side trip from your glamping.



  • The sense of wonder holistic glamping(Mount Yufu Glamping Resort)
  • Address: 44-7 Yufuincho Tsukahara, Yufu, Oita
  • Access: About 15 minutes by taxi from Yufuin Station


2. Hanasansui – A Little Ways from Mishuku Where the Sound of Deers Echo (Chiba prefecture)

This hotel is well known in Chiba Prefecture’s hot spring town as a spot where you can enjoy a splendid view of the Yoro Valley.
Hanasansui Resort offers glamping plans where you can enjoy evening meals in a private terrace consisting of Ise Ebi lobster, abalone, and high-grade Wagyu beef cooked over charcoal known as robatayaki (in winter, western style tomato hotpot and sukiyaki are served instead).
On top of the great views and mouthwatering food, you can reserve the bath area to yourself to enjoy tranquility and peace in a natural bath.
This lodging spot is easy to access from Yokohama and Kawasaki, with popular waterfall like Yoro Valley, Mother Farm and Kamogawa Sea World!



  • Hanasansui  A Little Ways from Onjuku Where the Sound of Deers Echo
  • Address: 49 Otaki-machi Kaisho, Isumi-gun, Chiba
  • Access: about 15 minutes by taxi from Kazusa-Nakano Station or Kazusa-Okitsu Station


3.Niigata Agano Snow Peak Glamping Resort at Swan Lake The Garden House of Ikarashi (Niigata)



Niigata's first outdoor maker “Snow Peak” has opened a resort in May 2019, the “Wa-no-Glamping Resort” (Japanese Style Glamping Resort).



Combining the concept of a historical Japanese garden and the Japanese “Wa” style (giving off a harmonious feeling), wooden mobile houses, tents, and camping cars are made available for you to select the form of glamping that suits you best. Here, you can try Niigata's craft beer “Swan Lake Beer” which have won a gold award at the World Beer Cup held in New York.



Meals served between the colder months of November and April are hotpots, and BBQ during the warmer months. Hence, you can indeed savour the local, seasonal food while immersing yourself in the season during your visit. You can also visit the nearby Tsukioka Onsen that is known for its beautifying effects, and “Kappo no Yado Imai Igarashi Teiketsu” hot spring.

  • Niigata Agano Snow Peak Glamping Resort at Swan Lake The Garden House Ikarashi
  • Address: 340-5 Kanaya, Agano, Niigata
  • Access: about 30 minutes by car from South Exit of Niigata Station
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