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Story Ripe mango, the queen of tropical fruits by JNTO on 01 June 2017

a ripe mango called Taiyo no Tamago (the egg of the sun)


a ripe mango called Taiyo no Tamago (the egg of the sun)


a ripe mango called Taiyo no Tamago (the egg of the sun)


Producing the world’s highest-level fruits everywhere in the country, Japan is considered a “fruits paradise”.
Japan produced fruits reputation is so high that celebrities all over the world flock to buy them. Recently, Miyazaki Prefecture has proudly introduced the highest quality product, a ripe mango called “Taiyo no Tamago (the egg of the sun)”. Among the southern regions of the globe that are well known for mango production, Miyazaki is especially famous for its high quality mangoes. Ripe mangoes are not easy to transport because of the ripeness and the best way to enjoy the highest quality mango is to eat it here in Japan from June to August.
“Taiyo no Tamago” is a brand-name given only to the products that clear such strict selection criteria as sugar content, shape, color, and size. They are grown with loving care and ripen on the tree. Only mangoes falling naturally from the tree are harvested, by catching them with a net. A sweet and tropical aroma hangs in the air, and the first bite makes your mouth fill with juice and you can savor the melting texture.
Since production is limited, prices are a little on the expensive side. Still, it is highly recommended that you try this ripe mango grown fully bathed in the Miyazaki sun?



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