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Story Savour the Unique Flavour Each Prefecture Has to Offer! - Japan’s Best Burgers by Regions By JNTO on 28 January 2020


Japan has seen a recent surge in popularity of high-quality burgers using the best ingredients and cooking methods. In particular, burgers from various regions of Japan have caused a buzz, thanks to their use of special regional ingredients and meats.
This time, we would like to introduce you to some of the most popular burgers from Tottori Burger Festa's Local Burger Grand Prix held in Tottori since 2010!


High-quality burgers from Japan’s warring states era! You will not want to miss tasting these unique local gems!

There are plenty of new regional burgers being crafted throughout Japan with ingredients from the locales they originate from. From the classic Sasebo Burger from Nagasaki’s Sasebo City, Kochi’s "Sanuki Udon Burger” that uses actual Sanuki udon, to Aichi’s "Okitsune Burger” that uses deep-fried tofu slices for burger buns, there are plenty of unique burgers to choose from! Tottori Burger Festa’s Local Burger Grand Prix, Japan’s largest regional burger festival held in Tottori since 2010, is proof of the popularity of such speciality burgers.


Awaji Island Onion Beef Burger (2013 Grand Prix Winner)
A delight using sweet, soft onions from Awaji Island

Awaji Island Onion Beef Burger

The Awaji Island "Onion Beef Burger” is a regional burger from Awaji Island, the largest island amongst the islands of the Seto Inland Sea in the southern reaches of Hyogo prefecture. Awaji Island is connected to Honshu via the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, making it easily accessible by land.

The Awaji Island and Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge

The island is accessible directly from Kansai Airport by riding the Airport Limousine Bus (approximately 2 hours). Awaji Island is famous for its production of onions, so Hyogo, including Awaji Island, is said to have the 3rd largest production of onions in all of Japan. Due to its extended daylight hours and temperate climate, it is the perfect place for growing onions and is also why the onions produced on the island have a characteristic softness and sweetness.
The Awaji Island Onion Beef Burger’s 8-mm-thick onion slices are what set the burger apart from its common counterparts. Atop the onions lie a burger made of Awaji beef cooked in a sweet and sour sauce made with onions and tomatoes grown on the island, sour onion fondue, and crunchy onion chips, allowing burger lovers to enjoy Awaji Island’s onions in 5 different ways.

onion chips, beef  and sauce

Onion Beef Burger shop


Izu Shiitake Mushroom Burger (2nd place in 2016, 3rd place in 2017)
The juicy texture of this shiitake mushroom burger will make your mouth water

Izu Shiitake Mushroom Burger

Izu, a popular spot for one-day getaways from Tokyo, is making waves with its regional burger made with shiitake mushrooms. Izu has optimal precipitation for growing shiitake mushrooms, making Izu’s home prefecture of Shizuoka number one in the total production of shiitake mushrooms in all of Japan!

shiitake mushrooms

Izu’s juicy shiitake mushrooms are fried with steak in a savory sauce, nestled between two shiitake mushrooms, topped with a special tartar sauce made from shiitake mushrooms, and placed between two whole-grain buns. The top bun is sliced with a cross pattern, so it looks just like a shiitake mushroom when viewed from above! Indulge in the juicy shiitake flavor of this burger from Izu!

Izu Shiitake Mushroom Burger


Marugoto!? Kishu Ume Burger (2014 and 2015 Grand Prix Winner)
This pairing of ume and quality chicken are a match made in heaven

Ume or Japanese plums

Wakayama prefecture is the largest producer of ume, or Japanese plums, in all of Japan. The most prominent variety are the Kishu Nanko ume, which are used to make high quality umeboshi (dried sour plums), a souvenir to excite any ume lover.

Kishu Ume Burger

You can really savour the flavour of this specially grown ume in the "Marugoto!? Kishu Ume Burger”. The pairing of ume mixed with chicken breast is a match made in heaven. Characteristically lean and supple meat from chickens specially raised on feed mixed with ume vinegar, famous stock of chicken is used in this burger. Fragrant buns and tartar sauce with ume pickles really brings out the umami of the meat. The Kishu Nanko ume used have had their sodium content reduced by ⅓, so children and those watching their sodium intake can enjoy this tasty burger too!

Kishu Ume Burger

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