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Story Sicilian Rice: Saga local delicacy shrouded in mystery By JNTO on 01 August 2017

Sicilian Rice


Saga city


The recipe for what everyone in the city of Saga calls “Sicilian Rice” is simple. Freshly cooked rice plus sauteed meat served on salad and topped with mayonnaise. And even though everybody knows it and is commonly served at over 40 restaurants all over the city, no one really knows when it came into being or why it is called “Sicilian”. The most prevailing theory claims that it started as an in-house meal among restaurant workers and from there it spread to their families and the rest of the city, Although its basic recipe is the one we mentioned above, each restaurant and family has its own version. There are countless variations using Saga’s famous beef or Mitsuse chicken or even wild boar meat. Even though Sicilian Rice is not so well known elsewhere in the country, if you are in a hurry, give your visit to Saga a local gourmet tint by ordering a reasonably priced and tasty Sicilian Rice.
Its promotion mascot is “Sicilianna-chan”. She is a kappa river-imp from the Kappa Kingdom in Matsubara River and as soon as she came to our world, she built a “Saga Sicilian Kingdom”. Saga City’s mayor became the first king of the kingdom, with the task of promoting Saga City and Sicilian Rice.


Sicilian Rice

Saga City
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