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Story Snack your way around these magnificent towns By JNTO on 10 December 2020

“Tabe” means eat, and “aruki” means walk, so “tabearuki” literally means eating while walking! These foodie walks are a great way to immerse in local culture. Tabearuki is especially popular at tourist streets where you’ll typically find rows of snack and confectionery stores showcasing their tantalizing savoury or sweet local specialties that are perfect to eat while strolling around.


Inuyama: Treats on sticks while being in the charming ambience of Inuyama Castle

Inuyama is famous for its small but beautiful castle that is home to Japan’s oldest wooden castle keep. Once a stronghold of the fierce Oda clan, the castle town’s atmosphere still retains an Edo period charm. The town is also a treasure trove of delectable snacks that are perfect for those who want to taste a bit of everything, from colourful dumplings to bite-sized sushi, and more.

入選「一閃」髙村登 名古屋鉄道賞「縁結び」髙木一博

One of the ideal snacks to enjoy while exploring this town is dango, and Inuyama has a number of shops selling variations of this delicacy. A dango consists of rice flour dumplings skewered on a stick, so they are convenient to walk around with. One popular choice of dango can be found at Chadokoro Kuraya, which is known for its Instagram-worthy “Koikomachi Dango”. These dumplings come in a variety of unique, colourful topping of flavours like orange, peach, and edamame, with fresh fruits on top! There are also seasonal flavours, such as mango and spicy kinako (sweet powdered soybean).

A dango consists of rice flour dumplings skewered on a stick A dango consists of rice flour dumplings skewered on a stick

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Enoshima: Savoury snacks from the sea

Enoshima is a tiny island located just offshore from Kamakura, not far from Tokyo, boasting a stunning coastline, historical sites, and delicious snacks made from ingredients that are harvested fresh from the ocean. The biggest attraction here is the Enoshima Shrine, which consists of several shrine buildings dotted around the island, all dedicated to three goddesses that preside over the safety of voyages.

Enoshima coastline Enoshima Shrine

Crossing the bridge from the mainland, you’ll arrive at the main shopping street lined with various snack shops offering a wide selection of specialties, from grilled squid to sweet dumplings to whitebait croquettes. A popular snack here is the tako senbei – grilled octopus crackers made fresh in the shop, with two or three whole octopuses in one cracker. The snack originated from Asahi Honten, where the octopuses are seasoned with soy sauce and hot pepper before being coated in a special batter, fried, and then flattened. Be warned, these crispy crackers are huge! The store also makes jellyfish crackers.

tako senbei – grilled octopus crackers made fresh in the shop あさひ本店

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Otaru: Enjoy some soft-serve along Sakaimachi Street

Otaru is a popular town in Hokkaido known for its fantastic arts scene centred around the glass-blowing industry. Due to its maritime history of making glass buoys, the city is filled with glass artisans offering amazing glass art and glass-blowing workshops. Located on the harbour, seafood is a staple here. Also since it is Hokkaido, fresh dairy products, particularly soft serve ice cream, are very popular.

Sakaimachi Street

One of Otaru’s most picturesque places to stroll about is along Sakaimachi Street, where there’s a high concentration of souvenir artisans and popular confectioneries that sell everything from pastries to ice cream, all housed in historic western-style buildings. Kitaichi Glass No. 3 Terrace, one of Otaru’s foremost curator of glass art, combines their glass-making heritage with creamy, delectable soft-serve ice cream. Their specialty is the 8-layered soft serve that comprises popular Hokkaido flavours like Melon, Lavender, and Matcha.

テラス8段ソフト画像 テラス店内

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