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Story Spicy but delicious: a long-established shop spreading local flavor since 1955 by JNTO on 01 August 2017

Karashi renkon


Kumamoto’s signature foods


Murakami Karashi Renkon Ten


“Karashi renkon”, lotus root filled with karashi mustard-spiced miso paste, has been one of Kumamoto’s signature foods for 350 years. Legend has it that when the lord of the domain was sick, he ate it and got well in no time at all. It’s somewhat humorous appearance with the lotus root holes filled with the spicy miso paste, the distinct burn of the karashi, and its crunchy texture are enough to make it a fine dish. Those who live in Kumamoto know its flavor well. “Murakami Karashi Renkon Ten” specializes in karashi renkon. In addition to traditional karashi renkon, The shop near Kumamoto Castle sells a variety of unusual but delicious items, including “Karashi Renkon Croquet” (finely chopped and deep fried karashi renkon, 110 yen), “Karashi Renkon Burger” (sandwiching Karashi Renkon Croquet, 300 yen) and “Imo Manju” (110 yen). The shop also offers a karashi renkon-making workshop from Sunday to Friday. It costs 1,300 yen per person and at least two persons need to apply (reservations must be made up to the day before arrival).


Murakami Karashi Renkon Ten

3-5-1 Shinmachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City

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