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Diving Destination Hokkaido Prefecture Land of plenty

About Hokkaido

Hokkaido is a large Island of Japan and located at the far north of Japan.
Japanese visit Hokkaido for its untouched nature and delicious local foods. The changing four seasons are also the reason for its popularity. Green nature in spring to summer seasons, and White snow covered winter from between late autumn and winter.Due to the cold current from the south, it is a cold water diving all year around but due to the rich nutrients carried into by the currents, the ocean offers large size marine animals and beautiful underwater scenery throughout the year.
During winter, you can experience diving under the icebergs drifting from the north.

Hakodate Usujiri

An area with an ancient history dating back 7,000 years. The abundance of marine life here is said to be one of the reason for it's history.
The sea kelp forest in the bay nurtures many marine life, giving balance to it's wonderful environment. The water temperature may go down to 2C during the winter months but will raise up to 21C during the summer seasons. From Baby Smooth lumpsucker in spring to Sea Angel(Clione) in the winter, there are many idols you can meet in these waters.





Beautiful "Shikotan Blue waters"

The Ocean is regularly chosen as one of "Japan's 100 most beautiful sea shore". It is the only Underwater National Park in Hokkaido prefecture and it is also a popular diving spot for local divers.
Due to its location near the City of Sapporo, the biggest city in Hokkaido, many dive shops organize a day trips to this dive site.
The underwater landscape here are very unique as is filled with mysterious shaped rocks that was carved by the rugged waves very typical in this part of the oceans. The visibility is great, reaching up to over 25m.
There are whale watching tours in this areas as well.
You can see Orcas (Orcinus orca) in April, Dall's porpoise (Phocoenoides daily), Baird’s beaked whale (Berardius birdie) in June by joining the whale watching tours.

After diving you can enjoy the local delicious seafood dishes.
Sea urchin season begins from June to August. People from all over Japan visit to enjoy the tasty sea urchin dishes.




Shiretoko Rausu

Where the forest and the Ocean meets

The nutrient filled water from the mountains pours into the Rausu.
Springs brings new life to the ocean as young life fills the waters. Lush Rausu kelp forest welcomes the divers during the summer months, and the returning salmons and trouts come close to shores during Autumn. Climax being the drifting ice in the winter.




Shiretoko Peninsula

Diving under the Drift Ice at the world natural heritage

Shiretoko peninsula is located at the Sea of Okhotsk. This place is famous as the Natural World Heritage and also the Drift Ice Diving. The ice is originated at the Amur River in Russia and carried down south to Shiretoko area. In Hokkaido, you can see the drifting ice the longest in this area. are covered with drifting Ice. The Drift Ice Diving season starts from February every year from when the ice arrives. The water may be very cold, but the world under the drifting ice will be a sight to remember.
If your lucky, you may encounter the natural seal during you diving in this beautiful ocean.
After diving, you can enjoy the famous hot spa at Utoro. You can also enjoy the tasty local seafood dishes.


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