WOW! $100 Gyoza!! By: KKL


Here I'll just be putting some pics and stuff I did in Japan First I'll put up the thing that struck me as the biggest surprise. ------------------------------The $100 Gyoza!!


If you know what a gyoza is, its just a dumpling, usually sold in chinese food resturants or Ramen shops. I came accross one in a local store that shook me to the core.

"This is the Gyoza to end all Gyoza's I thought, no mere mortal could engulf its full essence! Then I saw the price tag, 10,000 yen!! (approx $100) I only thought for a second of the 2nd gyoza option they have, 100 gyozas for 100 dollars which reminded me of the simpson's "100 tacos for 100 dollars" thing.

Its a nice Idea, but they'd still be the same gyoza in the end, the big one though, it HAD to be special! I ordered it and they told me "you can just ORDER a $100 gyoza, you have to RESERVE it. Apperently it takes a week to make. I gave up at that point becuase it requires knowing what day you are going to be hungry and then not ruining your appitite which is NOT a risk I was willing to take when a gyoza of this caliber is at stake. A long time went by, like, a year almost, and my birthday was coming up and my girlfriend at that time knew I had a 2nd love, a huge $100 gyoza. She reserved it for me and they had a week to make it and ALMOST couldn't even manage to make it in that timeframe! (Japanese people are very tardy, usually on time, work hard etc. so theres almost 0 chance they were goofing off this gyoza really took a week!) We got it that night on the 7th day just in time for birthday dinner.


All 9 or so people comprised of close friends and co-workers all marveled at the gyoza for a bit, took pictures, posed with it etc. (Man this is so much better than a birthday cake!) Then we finaly cut and ate it, this was the most delicious Gyoza I ever had, not the 2 seconds it takes to make a regular gyoza, with the time they put into it to make it large they also put time in it to get some great quality meat and really prepare every part of it. If you ever come across a gyoza this large try it out, it was worth the $100 bucks. It took 9 people to eat it all and we were all FULL afterwards.

----- The other Japan adventures will be less long winded as the gyoza has me infatuated all over again -------------------------- On the set for a photo shoot


--------------------------Every time I go to Japan in Narita Airport there is this one door that serves no purpose because you can Just walk right around it. It truely is an "Emergency Door" Just in case the entire huge gaping opening next to the door ceases to work. You can see from the camera angle the person taking the picture is parallel to the space the door allows someone to go through it, this means YOU CAN WALK AROUND IT, WHY IS THERE A DOOR IN THE AIRPORT THAT YOU DONT NEED TO USE! lol In any case, I love this door, and go through it every time I go to Narita. Before


This looks just like "Faust's" special move in guilty gear, thats what motivated me to do it in the first place, haha. If someone wants to make a 2 frame animaition of this for me, please do so, (in a smaller size of course >_< I'm to lazy to dl a gif animation program and do it) Here is a 2nd time of me going through the same door


and me thinking I'm superman for some reason Kyoto

A Kyoto Castle in all its marvel Going to Kyoto was Crazy, I took the train. Not the bullet train, the regular damned train. It took 14 hours BUT only cost ?2000 yen (less than $20 bucks) ROUNDTRIP! Japan has this All day Train pass, kind of like our all day metrocard in NY BUT Japan also has 1 united train line that goes through ALL OF JAPAN, put the two together and you have the recipe for comedy. lol. It was fun though, I was with people and had my laptop with lots of movies and stuff on it, we had to change trans constantly with all the luggage and scavange for electricity at random points to continue using the laptop. haha. Great stuff.

A very nice place where they have huge sand gardens In NARA, close to Kyoto, they have this weird DEER PARK where the deer roam free, I was told the deer were extremely docile, I tested that to see a deer would pose with me.

I know a deer around here would gauge your eyes out before posing with you, lol.

After a breif embrace we parted ways never to see each other again... ----- STOMP goes to JAPAN!

Stomp, the music where the bang trashcans and brooms and whatnot went to Japan while I was there. And since my brother and his GF are in Stomp NY I decided to help the stomp members that came. My brother's GF came as well as some other Stomp people I know a bit. So I helped them out and we saw a show with some musician whos getting more famous in Japan "Bonnie"

Bonnie being the Japanese person in the blue 1st row of this pic :p She had some good music! Not quite Japan but went there because I was in Japan section -------------- Korea

bwa hahaha-- When I went to Seoul, Korea I had a crazy time, I only had about 3 days or so to do everything. I've been to Korea before in Pusan and I only had 1 day, I went all over there saw everything I totally Powned Pusan so I wanted to do the same to Seoul. I quickly found a map, charted out where I wanted to go, the train was cheap and I went all over. I saw a street with miniture bunny rabbits that I wanted to take home with me but I knew I would have customs trouble, I talked to all kinds of people, took all kinds of crazy pictures (of which I cant find :/) and the "hotel" I stayed at only cost 8 bucks! If you ever go to Korea, go to a SAUNA, yes its a public bathhouse but you DONT have to use the bath (course if you want to take a bath you do but if you want a place to stay for 8 bucks you dont)! Theres no real privacy in the room cuz its just beds lined up but you get SO MUCH SERVICE, a locker and all other good stuff. There was a time I was walking down dark alleyways to find arcades and played the crazyest game that me and my friend's would get to know on his modded xbox later as "something war" which is an awesome game. Its a 4 player Pit-Fighter style fighting game but WHOEVER HAS THE MOST MONEY WINS! So in the arcade you put in 30 korean cents, you have this much life you put in a whole 100 korean won and you are that much stronger, hahaha. If you are low on health just BUY SOME MORE. Of course on emulator on an Xbox the game lasts forever since its free @_@ but all the more fun! haha.

Me in an awkward pose in Korea, because its just so close to Japan

The strange green Korean edible substance on a stick on the right shows you what the matrix is, the strange green korean edible substance on a stick on the left lets you wake up in your bed as if nothing has This is the strange FRENCH guy I met in KOREA who knew a little ENGLISH but I had to speak JAPANESE to in order to communicate properly. W - T - F-- Guam -

I needed a bit of a vaction from the constant bliss of being in Japan or my head would explode, nah I was convinced to go and went to check out Guam since its like a 2-3 hour flight, right near Japan and has weather like Hawaii.

Guam's Gaylord GRAND SALE, I never miss one... WHY IS THIS STORE CALLED GAYLORD?! why does this small building need THREE signs so you dont FORGET its called GAYLORD!? I donno, it struck me as a little odd so I had to take a picture.

At the all you can eat buffet and the FOOD JUST WONT DIEEEE-- lol

Just walkin around wit the fro'

Such nice scenery!


---------- And that ends our little photo show, I hope you enjoyed, I think I should have taken more pics of Japan and I still have lots of undevelop film @_@ I have hard copy photos as well, this was just my digital collection. Fun stuff, hope you enjoyed and comment on anything you like (COMMENT ON THE GYOZA!!) *_* KKL






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