Japan Experts Podcast

Have you ever thought that you wish you understood Japanese culture on a deeper level so that you could have a greater appreciation for what you see and experience in Japan?

What if you could experience Japan from the lens of bilingual Japan Experts while being at home? What if you could gain all the knowledge you need before your trip that would transform the way you travel in Japan?

If that’s the kind of experience you are looking for, the Japan Experts Podcast is a perfect resource for you. Hosted by Japan’s licensed guide and journalist Miyuki Seguchi, the podcast features various topics, together with Japan-based bilingual specialists ranging from ikebana artist to martial arts practitioner to Buddhist priest.

By simply listening to this podcast, you will gain new insights on Japanese culture, history, and the Japanese Way of Life. You will also be thrilled to discover a deeper interpretation of Japanese culture – something that even most Japanese are not familiar with – as the host uncovers all the secrets and mysteries with her inquisitive mind and comfortable interpersonal style.

To listen to the podcast, simply search for “Japan Experts” on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or visit the website: https://anchor.fm/japan-experts

Keen to connect with like-minded listeners in a private community? You are more than welcome to be part of the Japan Experts Community https://www.facebook.com/groups/japanexperts.





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