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"Sum in a Point in Time - Existence" by Min Jeong Seo at the Northern Alps Art Festival in Japan's Nagano Prefecture

New York – February 26, 2024: 2023 was one of the best years ever for American tourism to Japan. As travelers plan their 2024 vacations, attention is being paid to Japan's vast artistic landscape, stretching from well-known historical artifacts to a robust modern art scene that encourages community pride and cultural exchange. Whether the traveler is an expert art connoisseur or at the beginning of a creative journey, Japan’s upcoming art festivals cater to a wide variety of tastes:

Sado Island Galaxy Art Festival - Summer 2024
The Galaxy Art Festival is a multi-media experience, combining visual and performance art to spotlight Sado Island’s culture. Many of the installations are displayed at Ryotsu Port, the main ferry gateway, along with performances of onidaiko, a traditional dance with drums performed by a masked musician dressed as an oni, or a demon of Japanese folklore, to ward off evil.
Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale - July 13 through November 10
Held in Niigata Prefecture, the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale (ETAT) highlights the charms of the region through modern art installations. Approximately 300 works are displayed across six different areas, with the festival spanning over 470 miles of land in total; both Japanese and international artists are exhibited amongst rural environments, such as small villages, abandoned schools, vacant houses and rice fields.

Northern Alps Art Festival - September 13 through November 4
The Northern Alps Art Festival focuses on locally sourced materials and the cultural heritage of Omachi in Nagano Prefecture to create large-scale installations against the scenic alpine landscape. This year's theme is water, which is both a characteristic of the land and an important resource for the community. The area's restaurants also participate in the festival, offering special menus made of local ingredients.

Forest Festival of the Arts Okayama - September 28 through November 24
Inspired by Japan's natural world, the Forest Festival of the Arts Okayama will feature a variety of domestic and international artists, musicians, dancers, designers, chefs and more. The venues are spread across the Chugoku Mountains of Okayama Prefecture, including the historical Joto district of Tsuyama, Makido Cave in Niimi and Okutsu River Valley in Kagamino.

UBE Biennale - October 27 through December 22
Beginning in 1961 from a citizen-led project, the UBE Biennale contains around 400 large-scale outdoor sculptures, aiming to celebrate the city through public art. Some of the most noteworthy installations are in Tokiwa Park, which displays contemporary sculptures spanning more than 60 years.

For more information on the upcoming art festivals in Japan, please visit: https://www.japan.travel/en/japan-magazine/2401_japans-art-festivals-in-2024-top-upcoming-art- exhibitions/


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