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Peek Behind the Noh Mask in Kurokawa

Get an insider’s glimpse into one of the oldest performing arts in Japan

Noh is one of the oldest traditional performing arts in Japan, and it's been practiced and perfected in the town of Kurokawa in Yamagata Prefecture for some 500 years. On this winter tour, follow a knowledgeable Noh insider as you visit Kasuga Shrine, home to the Ogisai Festival, an overnight event of various Noh performances. Kurokawa Noh boasts two performing groups and a collection of 540 different plays and 50 comedic kyogen acts.

This insider’s tour also lets you see the collection of beautiful Noh masks and costumes held at the Kurokawa Noh Museum. The village proudly boasts a collection of around 250 Noh masks and 500 costumes used during performances.

The event also includes lunch based on the meal served just once a year at the Ogisai Festival featuring a local specialty: tofu handmade by the villagers.

This is an intimate cultural experience not to be missed!