Akan-Mashu National Park

Akanko Ainu Theater Ikor

Immerse yourself in Ainu culture through traditional dance performances and hands-on activities

Experience the rich cultural heritage of the Ainu, Indigenous people of northern Japan, at the Akanko Ainu Theater Ikor. The theater is dedicated to preserving and passing on Ainu history and tradition. Visitors can watch Ainu dance and Iomante Fire Festival performances, as well as take part in a wide variety of hands-on activities and workshops.

"Lost Kamuy" is one of the theater's most incredible performances. It fuses ancient and contemporary butoh dance and digital art. Through this performance, you can learn about the Ainu worldview through the now extinct horkew kamuy (Ezo wolf).

In addition to attending performances, visitors can experience Ainu culture through hands-on activities like making Ainu embroidery, traditional woodcarving, or making a mouth harp—a small traditional instrument called a mukkuri in the Ainu language. After making a mukkuri, instructors will teach you how to play it.

The nearby Ainu Kotan village offers an opportunity to further immerse yourself in Ainu culture. Many shops sell folk art, traditional embroidery, fabric crafts, and modern art pieces. Enjoy a walk along the main street and try Ainu cuisine at one of the restaurants in the village.

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Open 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Schedule Traditional dance performance at 11:00 a.m., Iomante Fire Festival performance at 8:00 p.m.
Closed Closes irregularly
Cost See website for details
Foreign Languages English and Chinese (traditional dance performance only, via subtitles)
Address 7-84, Akankoonsen 4-chome, Akancho, Kushiro City, Hokkaido
Phone (+81) 0154-67-2727
Website https://www.akanainu.jp/en/about/ikoro

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