Disover the history, beauty and conservation initiatives in Japan's National Parks

The first national parks in Japan were established in 1934. Since then, the number of national parks throughout the country has increased from three to 34. Take a peek into the history of the parks' creation and the reasons behind designating these areas as nationally protected regions. 

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    Japan's Beautiful Nature

    The 34 national parks of Japan protect the great outdoors, foster the relationship between humans and nature, and preserve the spiritual traditions that have been passed down since antiquity.

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    The first national parks of Japan were designated in 1934. Learn about the founding of these protected areas. 

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    Forests cover 67 percent of Japan's total land area, and more than 6,000 plant species and over 1,200 animal species including insects and reptiles live in Japan. Learn about the initiatives throughout the parks aimed to protect the natural biodiversity of Japan.