Protecting Japan's biodiversity

Japan's national parks serve as a platform for national biodiversity and are the country's largest designated land area subject to natural environment preservation. Such biodiversity includes natural vegetation in remote mountain areas at high elevations, and areas where large mammals and other animals can roam.


The Natural Parks Act 


By adopting a comprehensive definition of nature, the Natural Parks Act has contributed substantially to the preservation of the natural environment and biodiversity.


Beach cleaning in Setonaikai National Park



Coming in Contact with Nature


Japan's national parks also serve as locations where visitors can deepen their knowledge about nature, improve their health or take part in recreational activities.  Immerse yourself fully and observe your natural surroundings through mountain climbing, hiking, skiing, camping, canoeing, snorkeling, and bird watching. National parks feature visitor centers, hiking trails, information signboards, as well as nature observation groups to encourage visitors to participate in these activities.