13.4 km
5 h40min
Mount Oakan Takiguchi Trailhead
Mount Oakan Takiguchi Trailhead

Mount Oakan Hiking Trail

Scale Mount Oakan for spectacular views of the surrounding lakes, forests and mountains

This course starts at the foot of Mount Oakan and takes you past Lake Taro and Lake Jiro. Hike through a dense belt of conifers before you arrive at the Fifth Station, where you will walk a ridge that cuts through a thicket of Japanese stone pines. Mount Oakan's 1,370-meter summit rewards hikers with views of Mount Meakan, Lake Penketo and Lake Panketo. On clear days, you can even see Lake Kussharo, Mount Shari and the Shiretoko mountain range. Note that this is the only route to Mount Oakan's summit and is more suited to experienced hikers.

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Mount Oakan Hiking Trail

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