3 days
Plan your visit carefully and allow plenty of time for your activities in the park. Always check the latest weather information, and avoid overexerting yourself if you feel unwell.


Limestone Caves, Forests, and Beaches on an Island in Southern Japan

Okinoerabujima Island is part of Amamigunto National Park, comprised of islands in southern Japan that were formed by tectonic movements or other natural phenomena. Discover the limestone caves, underground waters, and other special features of this scenic region on a multi-day itinerary.

Itinerary Highlights

  • Learning about the folklore and history of the settlements on Okinoerabujima Island.

  • Special tours that showcase the island's hidden landscapes, including caves and beaches.

Trip Overview

Visiting a folklore museum on Okinoerabujima Island
Experiencing nature through seven enjoyable activities
Exploring the enchanting caves on the island
Day 1

Visiting a folklore museum on Okinoerabujima Island

Plan to fly from Okinawa's Naha Airport (or an alternative airport) to Okinoerabujima Island in the afternoon, and pick up your rental car when you arrive. Your first stop on this itinerary is the Museum of Wadomari Town History and Folklore. Okinoerabujima Island is geologically distinct from most other islands in Japan, having been formed originally by coral. A museum curator will introduce the island's ecology and its impact on residents' lives, as well as the importance of environmental preservation. After the museum visit, check into your hotel in Wadomari and enjoy the balmy climate.

Day 2

Experiencing nature through seven enjoyable activities

In the morning, drive to the meeting spot for the day's guided tour. This day will be dedicated to discovering the mysteries of the landscape of Okinoerabujima Island, with seven distinctive activities to restore your childlike sense of wonder in the natural world. You'll get to experience a side of the island that only local residents usually see. The tour includes trekking through a forest, snorkeling in the inviting waters, discovering a natural pool only visible at low tide, diving into the sea, and more. Your guide will even provide you with complimentary photos and videos of the day's adventures.

This unique tour will take up most of the day. Once the activities conclude in the middle of the afternoon, you're free to spend the rest of the day as you please. Check into your second night's hotel in the town of China and find a relaxing spot for dinner.

Day 3

Exploring the enchanting caves on the island

Depart from your hotel by shuttle bus to go on a caving tour of Okinoerabujima Island. This guided activity will take you through limestone caves and an entire underground world of eerie beauty. There are four tours to chose from depending on your level of experience. The caves on these tours are accessible only with guides and there are rules and safety precautions that must be followed.

Casual spelunkers can opt to visit Shoryudo, a limestone cave outfitted for easy sightseeing with walkways, signage, and handrails. Shoryudo was discovered in 1963 and visitors can currently explore 600 meters of its total length of 3,500 meters.

Once you return to the surface, find a place to have lunch and bask in the island atmosphere. In the afternoon, drive your rental car back to Okinoerabu Airport for your return flight to Naha Airport.

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