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Daisen-Oki National Park

Alpine flora such as dwarf Japanese yew trees dominate the shrub forest zone at 1,600 meters in Daisen-Oki National Park and dogtooth violets bloom on Mount Kenashi and Mount Giboshiyama.

On the low-lying coastline of the Oki Islands, vegetation from around Japan coexist, such as Ramanas roses, which are normally found in the north, and Nago orchids, normally found in the south. The islands are also home to one of the largest seagrass beds in the Sea of Japan and the indigenous Oki salamander.

The rocky shores of Shimane Peninsula are an ideal breeding ground for seabirds. Fumishima Island off the coast is one of Japan's most vital rookeries for the black-tailed gull.


Dogtooth Violet

Growing beneath stands of temperate deciduous trees (such as the Japanese beech and Mongolian oak), dogtooth violets (Erythronium japonicum) can be found near the peak of Mount Kenashi and Dogo Island in spring.

Dogtooth violet

Dwarf Japanese Yew Tree

The dwarf Japanese yew tree (Taxus cuspidate) is a variety of Japanese yew found in the mountains on the coast of the Sea of Japan. The community of dwarf Japanese yews near the summit of Mount Daisen has been designated a Special Natural Monument.

Dwarf Japanese yew tree


Black-Tailed Gull

Thousands of black-tailed gulls gather on Fumishima Island in Hinomisaki Bay off the western tip of the Shimane Peninsula to breed from early November to July. They can be seen from the Hinomisaki Observatory.

Black-tailed gull

Oki Salamander

This species of Asiatic salamander is unique to the Oki Islands. Limited to streams on Dogo Island, they are designated a Natural Monument of the town.

Oki salamander

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