• Hiking
  • Goza Walking Trail

    Time Required: 1 h 30 min.      Distance: 6 km

    A short course that takes in the Ishibotoke-Jizoson built in the sea and offers a panoramic view of Mt. Konpira

    The starting point at Goza Port is accessible via bus or regular liner from Kashikojima Island. The Ishibotoke-Jizoson (Buddhist stone statue) of Goza-ura Bay is located on the opposite shore of the port, so the course traces a circle around the area.

    Proceed along the roadway, cross through the village, and head toward Goza-shirahama Beach. After spending some time at the beach return the same way, then proceed along the two-lane national road. A little further along, turn right at the sign pointing to the Mt. Konpira Observatory, and follow the small road to the observatory.

    The course moves in the direction of the Pacific Ocean, so walk down and once you arrive at the prefectural road, head east. The shoreline that appears in front of you is Azuri Beach, a picturesque border that has a small pine island. The Ama Museum and Ama Hut Experience Facility are located nearby.

    To return, take the bus heading in the direction of Ugata.




    Ishibotoke-Jizoson of Goza-ura Bay


    During the middle of the Heian Period, the worshipping of Jizo (the guardian deity of children) became popular. The Ishibotoke-Jizoson stone statue is said to have been here since ancient times, and it is treasured by the local residents. Legend has it that the Jizo deity inhabiting the figure instructed the villagers not to move it to higher ground. For this reason, the statue is worshipped in its position in the sea, which is rare in Japan.


    Goza-shirahama Beach


    This is a beautiful, natural, white-sand beach located at the tip of Sakishima Peninsula; it was selected as one of the top 100 bathing resorts by the Ministry of the Environment and attracts a large number of bathers in the summer. The area has private accommodation facilities and is an ideal spot to sample the local seafood cuisine.


    Mt. Konpira Observatory


    This viewpoint is at the top of the 110 m mountain near the tip of the Sakishima Peninsula. It commands 360-degree views of Ago Bay and the Kumanonada Sea. Odaigahara is visible in the distance and on winter days with favorable visibility conditions, you can even see Mt. Fuji.

    Trail Map