3 days
Plan your visit carefully and allow plenty of time for your activities in the park. Always check the latest weather information, and avoid overexerting yourself if you feel unwell.


Shiretoko's Wildlife in the Rivers, Lakes, and Sea

Discover the flourishing wildlife of Shiretoko National Park in and around its rivers, lakes, and sea. Get to know brown bears, salmon, and other creatures, as well as the drift ice integral to this ecosystem.

Itinerary Highlights

  • Observing the vitality of nature in the salmon swimming upstream.

  • Guided tours of the Shiretoko Five Lakes, Furepe-no-Taki Falls, and the park by night.

  • A cruise around the peninsula led by experienced fishermen.

Trip Overview

Getting situated with the salmon
Learn about nature on walking tours and a night safari
A cruise around Shiretoko Peninsula
Day 1

Getting situated with the salmon

After arriving at Memanbetsu Airport in the morning, grab a local bus for Utoro to reach Shiretoko National Park. Enjoy a salmon roe rice bowl and other seafood over a leisurely lunch, then visit the Shiretoko World Heritage Conservation Center to get oriented to your surroundings. In the afternoon, watch the salmon swim upstream in a guided tour that introduces the relationship between these fish and the local environment. After enjoying this front row view of the natural world and the cycle of life, head to your accommodation to settle in and unwind for the evening.

Day 2

Learn about nature on walking tours and a night safari

In the morning, take a bus from Utoro Bus Terminal to Shiretoko Five Lakes for a guided tour that introduces the area's pristine ecology, including the brown bears and plants that are native to the region. Have lunch at your own pace, then stop by the Shiretoko Nature Center to deepen your knowledge of the park through the latest videos and exhibits. Another tour in the afternoon will introduce you to Furepe-no-Taki Falls, where water cascades from a crack in a 100-meter cliff. You will also learn about local efforts to reclaim former farmlands to restore the forest around the falls. Return to your hotel to rest and have dinner, then set out to join a night safari. This nocturnal adventure by car will showcase a whole different side to the national park.

Day 3

A cruise around Shiretoko Peninsula

Travel by car to Rausu Aidomari Fishing Port and set sail on a two-and-a-half-hour cruise around the Shiretoko Peninsula. This guided experience is provided by knowledgeable local fishermen. From the boat, you'll be able to see not only the magnificent scenery of the surrounding cliffs, but brown bears, Ezo red foxes, Ezo deer, and more, highlighting the relationship between the animals and their local environment. Once you return to land, check out the Shiretoko Rausu Visitor Center to learn about orca skeletons and the ecology of the Blakiston's fish owl. Have a relaxing lunch, then drive to Nakashibetsu Airport for your return trip.

If you would like to stay longer and explore more of the park, consider visiting the Shiretoko World Heritage Rusa Field House that provides a wealth of information about local marine life and ecology. You can also relax in the hot springs of Seseki or Aidomari nearby, or go on a 6-kilometer hike around the wetlands of Lake Rausu.

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