Yakushima (Island) National Park

Experience the Lush Forests of Yakusugi Land

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Explore the nature preserves of Yakusugi Land

The Japanese cedar trees known as Yakusugi fill the forests of Yakushima. Based on your interests and physical endurance, you can choose one of five courses through Yakusugi Land for an immersive experience of the trees native to this island.

Fifteen kilometers away from the village of Anbo, this vast forest of roughly 270 hectares is located at an altitude of between 1,000 and 1,300 meters. Discover babbling brooks, lush green moss, seasonal plants, and distinctive Yakusugi cedar trees with unique names. You'll feel an intense connection to nature after spending time here.

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Available Year-round
Duration 30-minute; 50-minute; 80-minute; 150-minute; 210-minute
Cost Adults (age 16 and over): 500 yen/person (400 yen/person for groups of 15 or more)
Contact Yakushima Rekumori
Address 1593 Miyanoura, Yakushima, Kumage District, Kagoshima
Phone (+81) 0997-42-3508
Email yakureku@major.ocn.ne.jp
Website https://y-rekumori.com/

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