Yakushima (Island) National Park

Kosugidani Village and Yakusugi Woodworking Experience

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Learn about Yakushima's local history and heritage

This tour starts with a fifty-minute walk along the trolley road from the Arakawa Trailhead to the ruins of Kosugidani Village, home to more than 500 people during its heyday in the 1960s. There you can learn about the history of the Japanese cedar trees known as Yakusugi and the forestry business that once boomed on Yakushima. After descending from the mountainside, visitors can continue to enjoy the fragrance of Yakusugi while trying their hand at some woodworking.

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Available Spring (Mar to May), Summer (Jun to Aug), Autumn (Sep to Nov)
Duration 9 hr
Cost Adults: 13,000 yen/person (incl. tax). *Rate includes guide fee only. Woodworking experience, lunch, bus fare, and other fees are additional
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