Yakushima (Island) National Park

Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center

Learn how to protect plant and animal life while enjoying Yakushima National Park

The Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center provides visitors with a wealth of information on Yakushima National Park and its natural environment, which has been designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site.

The first floor has a library and various exhibits on the diverse flora and fauna of Yakushima Island. Visual representations show how the maximum heights of local plants change depending on the altitude at which they grow on the island. You can see exhibits on the wildlife of Yakushima Island and a 3D map of the national park terrain.

Other exhibits show the scale of the altitudes of Yakushima's mountains, initiatives for protecting the local ecosystem, and etiquette that you should follow when hiking the mountain trails to reduce your environmental impact.

The second floor has a nature photography exhibit that changes monthly, displaying photos taken by the conservation center's staff. You can get a sense of the natural beauty of Yakushima and what features to look out for in each season while browsing the photo exhibition.

The Yakusugi Museum next to the Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center features a branch from a 1660-year-old cedar tree and displays on the history of the coexistence between nature and humans in the area.

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Open 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (last admission at 4:30 p.m.)
Closed Saturdays (December - February), December 29 - January 3
Cost Free of charge
Address 2739-343 Anbo-maedake, Yakushima Town, Kumage District, Kagoshima Prefecture
Phone (+81) 0997-46-2992
Website https://www.env.go.jp/park/yakushima/ywhcc/english/eng.top/eng.index.htm (EN)

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