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Birdwatching Hike on Mount Mokoto

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See rare wildlife and magnificent views over Lake Kussharo

Take a guided tour through Mount Mokoto’s extensive forests to spot some of the area’s rare wild birds. You will hike to the peak, enjoying the forest scenery and 360-degree panoramic views from the top.

Along the way, look out for spotted nutcrackers, red-flanked bluetails, Siberian chipmunks, and mountain hares. There is ample time to stop at several bird-watching spots and binoculars are offered free of charge to provide a closer look. The tour is geared toward beginner bird watchers. Spring (around May) and autumn are particularly good times to spot birds on the slopes of Mount Mokoto as young birds are very active after leaving their nests.

Take a breather at Mount Mokoto’s peak (1,000 m) and enjoy panoramas that take in the forests, mountains, and sea. The views of Lake Kussharo below are stunning. On a clear day, look out for the Sea of Okhotsk and Hokkaido’s tall mountain ranges. You may be able to see Mount Shari and Mount Unabetsu in the distance.

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Available Summer (Jun to Aug), Autumn (Sep to Nov)
Duration 150 min
Cost 15,000 yen (1 person); 13,000 yen/person (2 or more people)
Foreign Languages English
Phone (+81) 0152-67-5120
Contact Koshimizu Town Tourism Association
Address 474-7 Hamakoshimizu, Koshimizu, Shari District, Hokkaido
Email k-kan@koshimizu-kanko.com
Website https://koshimizu-kanko.com/activity/ (JP)

Wildlife Tours

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