Hokkaido Tomamu



Chee & Chaa go on trip exploring Hokkaido. Join them as they marvel at Hokkaido’s natural wonders and the various activities offered by Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu to its visitors.


Check-in & Suite

Chee  & Chaa check-in into Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Tomamu and experience its rooms, comforts, amenities and activities.



Wine house, Books & Cafe

Chee & Chaa visit Tomamu Wine house and indulge in a wine & cheese session. Then they go to the Books & Cafe to relax with a cup of coffee & a book.




Chee & Chaa enjoy a delicious dinner buffet at Forest Restaurant Nininupuri.



Morning scene: Unkai terrace

Chee & Chaa are mesmerized by the beautiful view of the Sea of Clouds from the Unkai Terrace.



Farm area & Mina-Mina beach

Chee & Chaa visit the Farm area and enjoy relaxing on the hammocks. Chee & Chaa also went to see one of the biggest indoor beaches in Japan, the Mina-Mina beach and explored the facilities there.


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