Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo



Catch Chee & Cha san as they arrive at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, check-in to begin their magical stay and explore its surroundings.




Chee & Chaa san enjoy a cup of tea with some Sakura (cherry blossom) themed snacks.




Chee & Chaa san are mesmerized by the Sea of Clouds and the serene garden of Hotel Chinzanso with its cherry blossoms and verdant greens. Go on a tour with her.




Chee & Chaa san learn about the 9 exotic restaurants of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo and chooses to relish stone-grilled cuisine at Mokushundo and experience ‘Omotonashi’.




Chee & Chaa san explore the Tokyo Sea of Clouds and the beauty of the garden at night.




Witness the magical misty mornings and the sumptuous breakfast at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo as Chee & Chaa san indulge in both.


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