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Hiyodorizaka of Sakura City

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Hiyodorizaka slope surrounded by the beautiful bamboo forest of Sakura City in Chiba Prefecture

Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture



Hiyodorizaka is a slope adjacent to the Old Samurai Residences, surrounded by a beautiful bamboo forest that has hardly changed since the Edo period (1603–1867). The gently curving slope has a quaint atmosphere. This slope is a popular spot that was selected for the “Trend Spot Award 2018” by a travel website and was used in a poster for a tourism campaign in Chiba Prefecture. It is also part of a course for the Samurai Experience Tour “Samurai Sanpo” held from October to May. The Samurai Sanpo is an event where visitors can experience wearing samurai costumes. There are four points of interest in the event. The first is to experience the manners of the samurai. Experience the samurai spirit through proper posture and sword drawing. The second is a martial arts experience at the Samurai Forest. You can experience using a wooden sword in the garden where the samurai trained. Third, visitors can walk around town dressed in samurai costumes, which is a great way to create memories. The fourth is a historic shrine that was embraced by the samurai, which you can visit while thinking about the samurai. Why don't you walk around the town with an Edo-style atmosphere, pretending to be a samurai?


How to get there


From Narita Airport, take the Keisei Line to Keisei-Sakura Station (25 minutes). Hiyodorizaka is a 20-minute walk from the station.


5-23 Jonaicho, Sakura-shi, Chiba-ken


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