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Okinawa Prefecture

Goya Champuru (Bitter Melon Stir-fried with Pork, Tofu and Egg)



Goya in Okinawan dialect means bitter melon. Okinawa’s most iconic Goya Champuru is a stir fry dish with bitter melon, which is a great recipe for hot summer days. The Vitamin C content in this dish is more than in any other vegetable alone. This is because the Vitamin C content in bitter melon is hard to decompose even when heated. That being said, tourists can make use of the Vitamin C content in this dish even if they’re eating it cooked. Goya Champuru is a must to try as it is a classic nutritious dish of Okinawa.




Okinawa Prefecture

Jimami-dofu (Peanut Tofu)



Jimami-dofu is a standard menu in Okinawan Izakaya (Japanese-style bar) with the springy texture, smooth and slightly sweet taste. Tofu is typically made from soybean, but jimami-dofu is made from peanut, one of the famous local production in Okinawa. Jimami means peanut in Ryukuan language. It is a popular prepared dish and dessert in Okinawa.





Okinawa Prefecture

Tundabun (Okinawa's Palace Cuisine)



Tundabun was created in order to hospitalize envoys from China for China was a trading partner to Ryukyu during the Ryukyu Kingdom era (1429–1879). Unlike the ordinary cuisine, this combination dish includes dishes in various shape and colors. This dish that is served with a class reflects the glory of the Ryukyu Kingdom era.






Okinawa prefecture

Awamori Sake



Awamori liquor is said to be the oldest distilled liquor in Japan. It is said to be the roots of shochu, an alcoholic beverage indigenous. This sake is similar to shochu but the main difference is its long-term preservation. Its taste is mellow and the scent of alcohol is rather strong. When Awamori liquor is kept for more than three years, it is called Kusu (old liquor).





Okinawa Prefecture

Ishigaki Beef



Ishigaki beef is a high grade Wagyu that is raised in Ishigaki Island, Okinawa. It is rich in nutrients including vitamins, protein and minerals. This delicacy is famous since it was served at banquet parties during the Okinawa Summit.


Since then, it has gained nationwide recognition as a high-class Japanese Wagyu by the leaders of other countries.




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