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Celebrate New Year with Top-notch Stays & Dining! 3 Luxurious Accommodations that You Should Visit Once in Your Lifetime



The Year-end and New Year holidays have always been a popular time for Malaysians to visit Japan. It is the perfect opportunity to both experience winter in Japan and see how the Japanese celebrate the coming of the new year. To make things even better, this vacation season is also when high-end hotels start rolling out great deals and packages. 

With that, here are 3 of the finest accommodations across Japan that provide unparalleled quality of stay, inclusive of foreigner-friendly services like English assistance. Read this article and find out more about why they should be the destination of your next visit to Japan.


1)    Planning to Sightsee the Foothills of Mt. Fuji? Then Choose This One!  HOSHINOYA Fuji (Yamanashi)


🄫 Hoshino Resorts


Sitting on top of a hill that overlooks the beautiful Lake Kawaguchi and the Mt. Fuji, HOSHINOYA Fuji is Japan’s first ever glamping resort, located 2 hours away from Tokyo. 


🄫 Hoshino Resorts


Touted for its easy accessibility and unconventional amenities such as having a bonfire on their Cloud Terrace, this luxury resort is the perfect hideaway for busy city dwellers to recharge and spend time in nature. In order to preserve the surrounding scenery as much as possible, all cabins are deliberately built with a minimalistic facade so that the exterior of the buildings does not spoil the lake view that you get from looking out of the floor-to-ceiling window. 


🄫 Hoshino Resorts


Other than Lake Kawaguchi, the rooms also come with seasonal views such as cherry blossoms in spring, and red leaves in autumn. So be sure to check for those dates too!


🄫 Hoshino Resorts


As mentioned earlier, HOSHINOYA Fuji is known for their amazing amenities. Their entertainment options are full of activities that are hard to resist or find elsewhere, with “Private Electric Bicycle Tour” that takes you around the foothills of Mt. Fuji and “Food Smoking Workshop” where you can smoke a variety of seasonal ingredients using the woodchips of your choice.


🄫 Hoshino Resorts


You can also experience a private morning canoeing peacefully on Lake Yamanaka as you witness first-hand the beautiful “Sakasa Fuji (Mt. Fuji as reflected in a lake)” phenomenon!


🄫 Hoshino Resorts


What food do they serve? Delicacies seldom found elsewhere of course, including main dishes made with game meat freshly hunted in the area. This resort certainly knows how to utilize their advantageous natural surroundings, to give their guests an all-round glamping experience in the foothills of Mt. Fuji.


🄫 Hoshino Resorts


Fun fact: it is believed that dreaming about Mt. Fuji in your first dream of the year brings good luck, but we believe it works for the remaining days as well. With all their cabins having a view of it, maybe staying in HOSHINOYA Fuji could help you to achieve just that and bring you blessings from the sacred mountain!


Facility Information

Address: 1408 Oishi, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Minami Tsuru County, Yamanashi
Access: 20 minutes away from JR Kawaguchiko Station by Taxi
Admission Charge: ¥81,000~/night (No meals incl., up to 3 people per room)

※Reservation starts from 2 nights. Guests may only reserve for 1 night starting from 30 days prior to the staying date. Those who wish to reserve for 1 night any earlier than 30 days prior should reach out to the hotel through the website.
※Check-in starts from 15:00; Check-out by 12:00

Website: HOSHINOYA Fuji (official)


2) The Embodiment of Japanese Hospitality ー Kagaya (Ishikawa)


🄫 Kagaya


Unlike most hot springs in Japan, Wakura Onsen in the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa is known to be the “hot spring that comes from the ocean”. One of the many hotels in this historic resort area of Noto Peninsula is Kagaya, a prestigious accommodation that outlines its service around the motto of “Egao de kibataraki (Be quick-witted and smile).” 


🄫 Kagaya


Their commitment to hospitality has prompted them to be chosen by critics as one of the top 100 hospitable hotels in Japan for a whopping 36 consecutive years, and the title of Japan’s No.1 Hotel! 


🄫 Kagaya
🄫 Kagaya


Needless to say, taking a soak in their hot spring is an absolute must-do. The 3-storey male bath “Ebisu no Yu” is equipped with a spacious indoor bath, an indoor bath with giant glass ceiling and an outdoor bath, all featuring a panoramic view of the Sea of Japan. It also has a drinking fountain that runs pure natural spring water from the spring source, claiming to have numerous health benefits including being good for the digestive system and anemia.


🄫 Kagaya


Being a quintessential part of the stay experience, the food they serve does not disappoint either. All meals are prepared with the freshest seasonal ingredients, such as turban shells and abalone in summer, crab in winter and more. If you prefer some privacy or simply do not want to leave the comfort of your gorgeous room, you can request your meals to be served in room as well.


🄫 Kagaya


Most people think Japanese ryokans are all about hot spring and food. But think again, because Kagaya is also a museum that showcases local art pieces. With guided tours available to their guests to start with, the list of entertainment available goes on. Don’t you fancy staying here at least one night, because I know I do!


Facility Information

Name: Kagaya 
Address: 80 Yo-Bu, Wakura Town, Nanao City, Ishikawa
Access: Free shuttle service from JR Wakura Onsen Station
Admission Charge: ¥30,000~/night (Breakfast・Dinner incl.)

※The above rate is for 2 guests in 1 room.
※Check-in between 15:00 - 18:00; Check-out by 10:00

Website: KAGAYA (official)


3) Hotel for Foodies! Fresh Seafood & More ー Ibusuki Syusuien (Kagoshima)



Many of you have probably heard of Ibusuki Onsen in Kagoshima. The biggest attraction of the city is the “Sunamushi Onsen” or natural sand bath, where tourists are buried in hot sand that reach 50-55⁰C. Not at all painful, the experience is proven to give positive health benefits like better blood circulation. To spend the night near this rare attraction, we recommend Ibusuki Syusuien. 



Sitting next to rich fishing grounds, Ibusuki has always been blessed with marine harvests. Using freshly caught fish such as sea bream, yellowtail and round herring, the “Premium Takumi Kaiseki” course in Ibusuki Syusuien offers you an amazing culinary experience with the natural bounty from Kinko Bay. The Foie Gras Tamajimushi is also one of their many specialties, and trust us, the chefs do not skimp on the foie gras nor the shark fin. 



The hotel has both a water and sand foot bath. There is also a gallery with traditional pottery and crafts from the local Satsuma region on display. English assistance is readily available so no need to worry about language barriers with the staff, which is always a plus for tourists who don’t speak Japanese.

Facility Information

Name: Ibusuki Syusuien
Address: 5 Chome-27-27 Yunohama, Ibusuki, Kagoshima
Access: Free shuttle service from JR Ibusuki Station (Reservation required, runs according to schedule)
Admission Charge: ¥25,000~/night (Breakfast・Dinner incl.; 1 room can stay up to 6 people)

※The above rate is an estimate for 2 people in 1 room.
※Check-in between 14:00 - 19:00; Checkout by 10:30

Website: Ibusuki Syusuien (official)

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