Miyago Fruit Farm


What is the Miyago Fruit Farm

The Miyago Fruit Farm is home to 3,000 trees of 30 different kinds of apples, most popular being the Ourin and the Red Gold apples. An apple tree can produce up to 100 apples in one apple season which is from October to November.

What to expect

■ The smell of the apples engulfing the farm.

■  Prune trees can also be found on the farm for two weeks of October.

Activities at the fruit farm

Visitors have the option to harvest two apples from the trees for 500 yen or they can also just purchase four apples at the store for the same price. It is also possible to rent a tree to grow their own apples for 12,000 yen.

Best time to visit

Apple season is from October to November.


Where it is

3-10-1 Narukawa, Nanae Town, Kameda District, Hokkaido Prefecture



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