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Story Pan for Gold and Wash Your Bills for Increased Luck with Money! Great Spots for Energies of Wealth & Prosperity! By JNTO on 20 February 2020

A temple and power spots for good luck

Japan has many “power spots” for good luck, whether it is for love, health, or wealth. These spots can be found in every region in Japan, and they are especially popular during the first few months of the year when many people visit temples and shrines to pray for their fortune of the year.

We will be moving on from the power spots for love luck topic after
Power spots and omamori – the key to en-musubi's popularity”  (Published on 8th, February)

showcasing of many power spots for money fortune in this article! We will look at famous shrines and fun activities to build up your wealth!


Wash Money for Increased Fortune!? 
Popular Shrine for Money Luck
Zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine (Kanagawa prefecture)

Zeniarai-Mizu shrine

At this shrine, “Zeniarai-Mizu” (literally means “money-washing water”) flows. The Zeniarai-Mizu is said to be special as it is believed that this water can make your money attract more money after washing them with it. This water is one of Kamakura’s five famed waters, and the belief is that it can wash off the “uncleanliness”, bringing about luck for your money to connect with more money. The ancient city of Kamakura is only about an hour away from Tokyo. To get to the shrine, you take the road up the hill which is about a 20-minute walk, or a short taxi ride of less than 10 minutes. The shrine entrance is a rocky tunnel, and the source of the famous Zeniarai-Mizu is located within a cave to the side of the main shrine.

Kamakura’s five famed waters in Zeniarai-Mizu shrine

First, cleanse your hands and mouth with the “Hishaku” (water ladle). After purifying yourself, take the special strainer basket for washing bills and coins, and wash away. The key for keeping the money luck is to take the money you have washed, put it back in your wallet, and spend it quickly!

the special strainer basket for washing bills and coins

  • Zeniarai Benzaiten Shrine
  • Address: 2-25-16 Sasuke, Kamakura, Kanagawa
  • Access: 20-minute walk from the West Exit of Kamakura Station on the JR Yokosuka Line
  • Operating hours: 8:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.


Pan for Gold and Increase Your Money Luck at the Same Time!
The Toi Gold Mine (Shizuoka prefecture)

Toi Gold Mine
With the rank next to Sado Kinzan (Sado gold mine) in gold production, Izu’s great mountain of gold, the “Toi Gold Mine”, remains a popular spot for praying for more wealth. Currently the mountain is closed to climbers but is still popular for being a spot to increase fortune with money.

shaking off the sand in your strainer and collect gold
One of the main attractions here is being able to pan the gold in the sand. This is due to the fact that gold is much heavier than sand. As such, gold that is mixed in the sand can be separated when given the shakes. Repeatedly shaking off the sand in your strainer, you may be able to get some gold which you can collect in a bottle to take home.
cake in Toi Gold Mine area
There is also an exhibition of the world’s largest gold bar that has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, weighing 250kg and worth 1.2 billion yen. You can also tour a part of the mountain’s tunnel which used to be for mining. This sightseeing tunnel is around 350 metres long and is easily accessible even for visitors with wheelchairs and strollers. Within the tunnel is the “Spring of Gold” and money washing area, so you can wash your money here while praying for increased money luck.

  • Toi Gold Mine
  • Address:2726 Toi, Izu, Shizuoka
  • Access: around 50 minutes by bus from Shuzenji Station, then get off at Toi Onsen bus stop
  • Operating hours: 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. (※last entry at 4:30p.m.), 【Gold Panning Registration】 9:00 - 4:20 p.m.
  • ※The tour includes the sightseeing tunnel and museum, along with gold panning goes from 9:00 a.m. - 3:50 p.m.
  • ※Closed between 8 and 11 December in 2020. 


Observe this Sand Art and You will Never have Money Problems Ever Again!? 
Zenigata Sunae (Kagawa prefecture)

Kanei Tsuho (the old Japanese coin) sand art in the Ariake Beach in Kanonji City

“Kanei Tsuho” (the old Japanese coin) also refers to the gigantic sand art of the coin which has been created on the sands of the Ariake Beach in Kanonji City, located in Kagawa prefecture of the Shikoku region. It spans 122 metres from east to west and 90 metres north to south. It has a circumference of 345 metres, and it is believed that those who see this sand art will live long and will not have any financial problem.

Kanei Tsuho (the old Japanese coin) sand art in the Ariake Beach in Kanonji City

You can get a great view of it from Kotohiki Park and its coin-shaped observatory (15-minute walk). From sunset until 10 p.m., you can enjoy the landmark with its surrounding lighting. It is usually lit up with green lights, but during limited times you can get the chance to see it lit with golden or blue lights as well!

Kotohiki Park and its coin-shaped observatory

This park also has many attractions such as the 50,000 black pine trees known as “Matsubara”, many temples and shrines like Koshoji, Kanonji, and Jinnein, and the “World Coin House” which displays old currencies from many different nations. Finally, experience the magical beach of Chichibugahama and take some beautiful sunset shots, just 15 minutes by car from the park for a last stop during this journey.

the magical beach of Chichibugahama and sunset shots

  • Zenigata Sunae(Kanei-tuho)
  • Address: Kotohiki Par Ariakecho, Kanonji, Kagawa 
  • Access: about 5 minutes by taxi from JR Kan-Onji Station (about 2km)
  • ※The surrounding areas can be visited but no entry is permitted into the sand painting area.

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