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Story Celebrate Ramen Day With Ramen in a Mug
Discover a Unique Way to Enjoy One of Japan’s Favourite Dishes
By JNTO on 8 July 2022

Ramen is one of the most popular cuisines from Japan, and if you ever wondered if there is a day dedicated to it, you are right to think so! A day devoted to celebrating a wonderful explosion of flavours in a bowl does exist — and it is on 11 July each year. 


Ramen Day

Ramen Day was established by the Japan Ramen Association in an effort to support Japan’s unique ramen culture while promoting and developing it. The association registered the application for the commemoration of Ramen Day with the Japan Anniversary Association, and upon its approval, the first official Ramen Day was celebrated on 11 July 2017!


ramen renge and chopsticks


There are a few reasons why 11 July was chosen as the designated date. The number 7 is said to stand for a ‘renge’ or a ramen spoon, while the number 11 resembles a pair of chopsticks. The date is also attributed to Tokugawa Mitsukuni, a prominent daimyo or Japanese feudal lord, who influenced early Edo politics and is believed to be one of the first Japanese people to have consumed ramen and was born on 11 July 1628. 


Cafe & Ramen JINMEN


cafe ramen jinmen sign


With such a significant date for one of Japan’s, if not the world’s, most celebrated foods, it is little surprise that there is a continuous stream of new ramen shops opening all over Japan. One shop that features a unique way of eating ramen is Cafe & Ramen JINMEN, located near Umeda station in Osaka Prefecture. It opened its doors in March 2022. 


cafe jinmen ramen interior


At Cafe & Ramen JINMEN, their spacious cafe-style allows customers to relax and slowly enjoy their food.


Ramen served in a mug


ramen in a mug


The uniqueness of eating ramen here is in it being served in a large mug, with a large handle on its side that allows customers to drink the broth easily. Made using water and a special soy sauce, with flavours and scent bringing to mind the taste of bonito and seafood, this style of broth is signature to the UNCHI Corporation, Cafe & Ramen JINMEN’s parent company. 


The ramen noodles are flat and wavy, have a moderate bite and are made with whole grains. A standard serving of ramen comes with green onions, bamboo shoots and two slices of char siu. Two other upsized variations of the ramen are also available: one with an addition of half a ramen egg and another with added char siu slices.


UNCHI Corporation’s lineup of unique ramen shop concepts


ramen in a bowl


The UNCHI Corporation, parent of Cafe & Ramen JINMEN, is most famous for the Human Beings Everybody Noodles (人類みな麺類) chain of ramen shops. They are also known for unique concept shops around Japan, with innovative names that include The Most Deserted Ramen Bar in the World (世界一暇なラーメン屋), The Old Man’s Best Swing (くそオヤジ最後のひとふり) and The Ramen War (ラーメン大戦争). 


ramen over meat


UNCHI Corporation believes in ‘changing the world using the power of ramen’, presenting the traditional food culture of Japan in a fresh and novel way!  


Cafe & Ramen JINMEN
Address: Grand Front Osaka South Building B1F, 4−20 Ofukacho, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0011, Japan
Website: https://cafe-and-ramen-jinmen.com/ (Japanese Only)
Access: Cafe & Ramen JINMEN is located in basement one of the Grand Front Osaka, near Umeda station


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