Kiyomizu Falls 清水滝

Kiyomizu Falls
Kiyomizu Falls

A cascade in the mountains falling 75 meters and guarded by fearsome Buddhist deities

While in Ogi , Kiyomizu Falls is absolutely an essential stop. This is a sacred waterfall associated with a nearby temple of the Tendai sect of Buddhism called Kenryuji.

How to Get There

Public transportation to Kiyomizu Falls is limited to taxis. From Ogi Station, it's about a 16-minute drive or a two-hour walk.

An alternative is from Saga Station's Saga Bus Center. Take a bus that's headed to Taku, Ogi, or Karatsu, and get off at the Ogi stop. From there, you can grab a taxi ride that'll take around 10 minutes.

Between the present and the past

The entire site is dotted with statues of fearsome Buddhist deities, including three large ones directly in front of the cascade. The lush mountainous backdrop and maple trees ensure an experience of old Japan that's more difficult to find.

An interesting entranceway

There are two entranceways to the cascade. One is more of a direct path from the main road, while the other is through the temple gate guarded by two weathered and menacing deities called Nio.

From there, you will pass an array of smaller shrines and statues until you reach the main temple, where you'll have a gorgeous view of the mountains and colored roof tiles of the buildings below.


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