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Letter from Japan Lovers – Japan. Endless Discovery.

Without hesitation, my husband and I, took the opportunity to take the "Tokyo June Special" travel package. I teased my husband that for that prize maybe they will send us to this crammy hotel and put us into the baggage compartment of the airplane. Not only that when I told my co-worker that we will be going to Tokyo, there first concern was water pollution and chaos like what they've seen on TV. We did not have time to schedule ahead , we have to make a decision right away to sign-up so my other concern was Japan is too expensive and we are going in a hurry without any plan on where to go and do. Well, all that set aside, my husband signed up right away and said let's just go.

And for less than a week , we were in Tokyo. Plane ride was just as normal as when you pay regular and overall was a good ride. Usually you can tell a good pilot when he lands so he did a good job, it was a smooth. landing. Ditto as well to the stewardess for good service. Somehow they come on time right before my stomach starts rumbling. So finally here we are in Tokyo. While we were in the bus limousine on our way to the Hotel, I was wondering how bad the Hotel would be and also where are we going and do as well as the language barrier. Last time, it was so difficult for me since everything was in Japanese, written and spoken.


We stayed at Asakusa Excel Hotel and I would recommend it many times to anybody going to Tokyo around that area. First of all, staffs are very courteous and nice. Room was very clean, smells good and the beddings gave us a good night sleep. Bathroom has all that travelers would want to see available. I thought I have to go to a store so I can get my sundries but they are all in the counter: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, body wash lotion, even shaver. And when I opened the closet it has a pair of kimonos and slippers for us. And also have a small refrigerator which I need to keep my medication. Everyday they replenish what we used including a new slippers.. Also, I want to express my thanks to the elevator man who greets us when we leave and come.


We only stayed for four nights but seen so much and wished we could stay more. First of all there was no chaos nor showed any damage from the tsunami. It was way far out. As usual, atmosphere in Japan, in general, was so serene and calm. Even with traffic now and then there were no fuming drivers nor honking. Everyone just seem as calm as the surroundings. I read the brochures we received from the Travel agent and first time I opened when we reached Tokyo. I found out the Metro system map and so we decided to use that instead of joining the tour. We want to take it easy and go wherever and whenever we want to. Unfortunately I had the Japanese version only. But amazingly, I figured out how to go on our daily tour via Metro. I also used this Metro map to find out where to go. I never thought that it was that simple. Even not knowing how to read and speak Japanese. Language difficulty is one of the concern of tourist like me. But on this trip with few things with me and without any planning ahead, our four nights stay there was a very good trip. Not knowing the language, all you need is a smile and sign language, somehow that's all you need to go around. There's so much to see in Tokyo.

The city landscaping is quite incredible. Just to look at the building structures, those bridges or crosswalks, the surrounding trees and even the street signs and colored construction barriers were all somehow designed not only with simplicity but also in harmony with the overall surroundings. Japanese pine trees across the Imperial Palace park were so beautiful. It's amazing how those trees can make a person feels so struck with its beauty. I could go on and on but this letter will get too long. As always, whenever I tell others why they have to go to Japan. "See Japan, you will feel as if a cold water is poured all over you, everything seems so simple, yet so beautiful… somehow you feel so serene and calm."

Thank you very much for this special offer. We had a great time and hope to go again.

Evelyn and Seiji Kuniyoshi



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