Explore Nature Worship Heritages at the Foot of Sacred Mt. Fuji

Let an English-speaking guide take you on a tour of tradition, history, and natural beauty

The symbol of Japan and famed for its beauty, Mt. Fuji is also a sacred destination that has been the object of nature worship since ancient times. Get a deeper sense of the mountain's significance through a private guided tour of historical and cultural spots associated with Mt. Fuji worship.

Marvel at the Funatsu Lava Tree Molds, striking lava caves that resemble the interior of a human body. The deepest part is known as the "womb" for its appearance, and pilgrims would enter wishing for a symbolic rebirth.

Stop by at the former residence of the Togawa Family, a structure with 250 years of history that was used as an accommodation once for pilgrims passing through. The owner, who is an “Oshi” (a person who offers his house for the pilgrims and helped spread Mt. Fuji worship), will gladly teach you about the historical and religious role of Mount Fuji.

You'll also visit Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-jinja Shrine, a shrine regarded as one of the most important bases of Mt. Fuji worship. For centuries, pilgrims have visited this place to purify themselves and pray for a safe pilgrimage.

For lunch, you'll dine on local delicacies like Yoshida udon noodles. With your English-speaking guide offering Japanese hospitality from beginning to end, this tour is a great way to see another side of Japan's most famous mountain.

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