Cycle around the Pastoral Village of Hida

Bike through the countryside to explore the natural beauty and lifestyle of a farming village

Hida Furukawa is a charming small town in the mountainous region of Gifu Prefecture. Visitors are welcomed by the quaint white-walled storehouses along the Setogawa Canal. Its main attractions are largely accessible on foot, but they are certainly not everything that the town has to offer.

To appreciate the lives of the locals, who cherish their unique heritage and culture, join a bike tour hosted by local experts. As you depart from the lovely streets of Hida Furukawa, you will come across “Satoyama”, agricultural village life in harmony with nature. Beautiful rice fields, an essential part of Satoyama’s landscape, are one of the most popular attractions of the tour. The tour also showcases many other aspects of pastoral village life, including a market selling locally produced vegetables, preserved historical residences, and crystal clear spring water filtered through the mountains of Hida. Along the way, your knowledgeable guide will amuse you with stories from the old days that even the locals may not be aware of. By the end of the tour, you will have fallen in love with this laid back charming farming village and also enjoyed a healthy dose of exercise at the same time!

You can choose from different options, including the Standard Course (3.5 hours) and Half Course with no slopes, which is more suitable for beginners (2.5 hours). Tours are held from mid-March to the end of November/mid-December (depending on the course). Hida Furukawa is easily accessible from central Nagoya at about 2.5-3.0 hours by car or train.

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